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October 26th Health and Wellness Event a Great Idea for Chicagoland Caregivers

Calling all Chicagoland caregivers! Here’s a fantastic health and wellness event I suggest you check out. Not only will you gather some great information for yourself – it will make a fun outing for you and your loved one as well. Here are the details: What: Be Well, Do Well 47th Ward Health and Wellness... Read more »

Einstein and His Mighty Corpus Callosum

Have you ever wondered why Albert Einstein was so dang smart? Thanks to researchers who recently published their results in the journal Brain, now we know: Einstein was well-endowed. That is, his corpus callosum was well-endowed. In fact, the researchers called this amazing part of his brain a “superhighway of connectivity” that helped the right... Read more »

Ten Things the Cubs Can Do with Ron Santo’s Stuff Instead of Tossing It in a Dumpster

In case you haven’t heard, the Chicago Cubs made a faux pas the other day even bigger than their proposed Jumbotron. You see, they “accidentally” threw a bunch of Ron Santo memorabilia in the trash. It’s been a banner year for my beloved Cubbies, and “banner” is the appropriate term here, considering that one of... Read more »