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Cubs Management Apologizes for Pitcher and Mug Set Debacle

My curiosity was piqued last week when I received an email from the Cubs Ambassador Program regarding my blog post about their mishandled pitcher and mug set promotion on May 17 (If you missed it, you can read the whole story here.). A nice representative named Tom wanted to call me to discuss the matter.... Read more »

Cubs Management Tricks Us to Spend Early, Bribes Us to Leave Early

It was a beautiful day for a baseball game on Friday, May 17. As Harry Caray would have said, “Just look at this azure sky!” My husband and I were excited for our day off from work to see the Cubbies play at my beloved Wrigley Field (I would say “our” beloved, but my husband... Read more »

Community Care Programs in Illinois are Safe – For Now

I would guess that a slew of caregivers who read this blog know all too well the value of community-based care. If you’re not sure what that is, think of the home health care and adult day care services that have allowed your family member to live at home instead of move into a nursing... Read more »