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Caregivers’ Coping Skills Impact Dementia’s Rate of Decline

What? That sounds like a pretty daring claim. Does this mean that caregivers actually have some degree of control over how fast their loved ones’ dementia progresses? According to an impressive study at Utah State University, yes. But before you begin to either jump for joy or tremble with panic, let’s look at the study... Read more »

Managing Difficult Dementia Behaviors: An A-B-C Approach

Maude came to a caregiver support group wringing her hands together. When the other caregivers asked what was wrong, she said that her husband, Chet, had dementia and had started becoming agitated in the late morning. Even though Maude made sure Chet ate a good breakfast and was clean and dressed, around 10:30 AM he... Read more »

Caregiver Action Network is the New and Improved National Family Caregivers Association

Throughout my many years of working with caregivers, I’ve consulted the website of the National Family Caregivers Association myriad times. The organization is well-established as a leader in advocating for caregivers as well as providing good information for those who find themselves in this ever challenging role. Courtesy of Manatee County Government Yet despite the... Read more »