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Superstorm Sandy reminds us that caregivers must have disaster plans in place

Chicagoland just might get lucky this time. Although waves the height of two-story buildings are forecast for Lake Michigan and heavy wind advisories are blanketing the suburbs, we’ve seen much, much worse. Still, being primarily a spectator of Superstorm Sandy takes my mind back to 2005 when I lived in Southern Utah during one of... Read more »

National Memory Screening Day is November 13: Five Things You Should Know

Worried about last week when you forgot your hair appointment? Concerned about your spouse’s recent forgetfulness? National Memory Screening Day may be something you want to consider. The 10th annual National Memory Screening Day will occur on Tuesday, November 13, 2012. Initiated by the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA), the event coordinates community sites across... Read more »

Playgrounds for Elders: A Great Idea with a Horrible Name

Several years ago, I visited my great aunt who had recently moved into a nursing home. I was accompanied by my father and uncle, neither of which was very, um, enthusiastic about the potential indignities of long-term care. As we wound our way through the old hallways, we found we could walk through the dining... Read more »

“Ruth & Erica” Doesn’t Hold Back About the Perils of Caregiving

I’m not really a YouTube junkie, so I was skeptical when I heard about a slick new caregiving series airing online. Yet “Ruth & Erica” has gotten my attention, and I plan to watch it in its entirety. Why? Because it’s painfully real. The show – created by Amy Lippman for the woman-centered WIGS channel... Read more »

Korean War Medic with Dementia Still Cares for His Fellow Soldier

Several months ago, I told you what my grandma taught me about dementia; namely, that there’s still a person in there, even in the very latest stages of the disease. A Korean War combat medic named Augie Angerame has taught us the same thing. You see, Augie’s dementia has progressed to the point that he... Read more »