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How Stigma Makes Alzheimer’s More Difficult for Everyone

Date: Summer of 1995 Place: Jefferson County, Colorado Setting:  Inside one of the many nursing homes I visited as a mental health consultant Rosemary* had a grand time at the outing to the minor league baseball game. I knew this because as soon as I entered the facility, she walked up to me with a... Read more »

Three Ds Caregivers Need to Know: Dementia, Depression, and Delirium

When I worked as a mental health consultant in nursing homes, the most common call I received went something like this: “Carrie, Mildred’s really acting up this week. Do you think you could get the doctor to increase her Alzheimer’s meds?” My response was always the same: “Did you check for a urinary tract infection?”... Read more »

Home Care Agencies: The Good, the Bad, and Ten Questions to Know the Difference

It’s official – I’m angry. Those who know me understand that this is a rare occurrence (I don’t even get angry when the Cubs go on a 9-game losing streak – I just get despondent). But when someone’s actually getting hurt, my blood starts to boil. In this case, the people getting hurt are older... Read more »

The Emergency Room Toolkit: Ten Essential Items for Caregivers

Perhaps it’s because a handful of our friends and family members have ended up in the hospital this summer that I have emergency rooms on the brain. I certainly hope it’s not because my husband and I just decided to participate in two running races in the next two months and I harbor unconscious fears... Read more »