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Many Languages, One Goal: International Resources for Caregivers

Like many of you, I have the Olympics on the brain. Even without satellite or cable (yes, you read that right), I still find myself surrounded by Olympic buzz on the radio and Internet – a buzz infused with celebrated diversity. It’s a refreshing twist to today’s international tensions that are too-often characterized by volatility... Read more »

The Alzheimer’s Association International Conference: Balancing Hope with Realism

Alas, I was not able to attend the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Vancouver this month, but I did follow it closely on the organization’s website. The event attracted over 4,300 scientists, physicians, and other professionals in the Alzheimer’s community who gathered to discuss findings from their most recent batches of research. If your eyes... Read more »

Five Things Caregivers Need to Know about Hospitalists

I have a confession to make: I am skeptical of jobs with new, strange titles. In our corporate world of buzzwords and the insatiable need to make the obvious a separate entity, we now have job titles that we never needed before. For instance, Project Manager. Really? Haven’t workers in every discipline been managing projects... Read more »

Alzheimer’s Association Plays Key Role in Illinois General Assembly Triumphs

If you don’t usually feel very optimistic on Friday the 13th, then let this news change your tune today. Something good has sprung forth from the muck that is called the Illinois General Assembly. That’s right, something good and, dare I say, hopeful. © If you care for someone with Alzheimer’s or a related... Read more »

Neighborhoods Can Partner in Caregiving through “Lotsa Helping Hands”

During these hottest of hot days of summer, I find myself thinking about my old neighborhood in Woodstock, Illinois. We lived on a quiet street right behind the library and a short walk from the Dairy Queen. As a child, summer days were spent with friends pondering whether to walk to the town square and... Read more »