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Yes, You Can Be a Caregiver and Exercise Too!

I learned a valuable lesson last week when my husband and I spent time in Florida visiting my parents. I learned that engaging in regular exercise can be a delight instead of a chore. One key is to relax your idea of how exercise should occur. Another key is to make it fun so it... Read more »

Nutrition Tips for Caregivers On the Go

I have a confession to make. In graduate school, I was an atrocious eater. My two main food groups were coffee and Cheez-Its. I snuck cellophane packets of bologna into the library so I could eat “quiet” food while studying. At three o’clock in the morning, tater tots were my friends. I did not eat... Read more »

Has Our Society Accepted Dementia as a Legitimate Health Problem?

In my last post, I reflected on caregiver motivations based on research reported in Dementia: A Public Health Priority, the report recently released by the World Health Organization and Alzheimer’s Disease International. In a sense, I took data from a large group and interpreted the findings on an individual level. Not surprising, since I usually... Read more »

Caregiver Motivation: Affection or Sense of Duty?

I can’t help but read every report that comes across my virtual desk regarding caregiving. Intellectual pleasure accounts for a lot of this habit, but a sense of professional obligation weighs in heavily too (you are free to call me a nerd now). That’s why I spent this morning reading Dementia: A Public Health Priority,... Read more »

More Creative Resources for Long-Distance Caregivers

One of the many things I love about writing “Ask Dr. Chill” is receiving feedback from my readers (for a great example, see my most recent post about Cubs fans and caregiving). While I try to capture the essence of a concept or service in my writing, it’s impossible to mention every example of a... Read more »

Cubs Fans Not Only Make Great Caregivers – They Make Great Care Receivers Too

One week ago today, I made the case that Cubs fans make great caregivers. A few days later, one of my readers helped me remember something just as important. Cubs fans make great care receivers too. The reader responsible for this maxim is Michael Melinger from Home Instead Senior Care, an organization providing in-home care... Read more »

Is Caregiver Stress Ever a Good Thing?

Not only is April the beginning of baseball season – it’s also National Stress Awareness Month. If you’re a Cubs fan, you may have difficulty distinguishing between the two. If you’re a caregiver, the designation of a month to raise awareness about stress may seem a bit silly. As caregivers, how could we not be... Read more »

Practical Tools for Long-Distance Caregivers

In my first post for this blog, I provided several scenarios of people who were absolutely caregiving even though they didn’t identify themselves as caregivers. Here’s one of those scenarios: Susie has a stressful job at an advertising company in Northern California, but the bulk of her stress comes from another place. Her mother, who... Read more »

Seven Reasons Why Cubs Fans Make Great Caregivers

If you are from Chicago and are on the proper side of the crosstown rivalry, you know that tomorrow is a very special day. It’s a day when hope springs eternal and anything is possible. It’s a day to forget about past disappointments and to believe in the power of faith. And because it’s April... Read more »

The Emotional Stages of Caregiving: Help or Hindrance?

As a psychologist by training, I can poke a little fun at my field of study while still maintaining my respect and dedication to the discipline. Hence my observation after updating an online course on bereavement, which required a study of the literature on grief and loss: Psychologists are obsessed with theories. Not that theories... Read more »