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Why North Coast Music Festival Matters

Why North Coast Music Festival Matters
 How can anyone forget the first annual North Coast Music Festival in 2010? The most memorable performance was The Chemical Brothers.  I have heard numerous people say that this performance is listed on their top five favorite shows.  What better way to launch a new music festival, than to bring in artists as big as... Read more »

5 awesome reasons why I'll never forget this year's North Coast Music Festival

Awesome is the guy that lets you take a re-donk-ulous bite of his corn dog while you wait in a line of 35 people to buy beer tickets.
The ‘headiest’ music festival in Chicago has come and gone, showcasing some of today’s top talent and some of tomorrow’s future stars. The North Coast Music Festival kicked off without a hitch, blasting dj sets, spinners, silent stages, plenty-O-Port-O-Potties and ended with bang. Whatever the case, whatever the taste, NCMF satisfied every sense of the... Read more »