What was more family-friendly: Chicago Blackhawks parade or the Gay Pride Parade?

What was more family-friendly: Chicago Blackhawks parade or the Gay Pride Parade?







As I reflect upon the past week in Chicago, I am resolved with this question:

What is more family friendly: the Gay Pride Parade & Festival or the Chicago Blackhawks Parade & Rally?

The Chicago Gay Pride Parade and the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Championship celebrations are two of this summer’s highlights in Chicago. Each individual event showcases the magnitude of attention that this city garners, as the center-point of Western culture and progression in the Midwest.

The Chicago Gay Pride Parade as we know it is a commemoration of the first LGBT rebellion in American history. When patrons of a predominately LGBT bar, Stonewall Inn, from New York City’s Greenwich Village participated in a protest/march in response to a routine police raid on the establishment a year prior. This marked the beginning of the gay rights movement, in which a significant body of the LGBT community resisted arrest. This event has since branched off across the United States, most notably landing in Chicago in 1970.

The Chicago Blackhawks celebrated their second Stanley Cup Championship in the last four seasons. Nearly two million fans and spectators attended the event with a handful of arrests and minimal injuries. The events are advertised as “family-friendly” and all age inclusive. I tallied what I witnessed during each celebration and broke it down to this checklist of  “family friendliness”:


Chicago Blackhawks Parade & Rally

Chicago Gay Pride Parade & Rally

Public Drunkenness

Open Containers of Alcohol

Public Displays of Nudity

Public Displays of Sexuality

Public use of Profanity

During the Chicago Blackhawks celebration, should the parents who bring their kids to the festivities drink and swear in public? Should parents keep their children away from such activities and at what age is attendance appropriate?So the question remains: Which would you rather take your family to? And where does the responsibility of decency lie? Parents or patrons?

What is an appropriate age for children to attend the Chicago Gay Pride Parade, which displays partial nudity, public drunkenness and displays of sexuality? Is it the responsibility of the patrons to uphold the “family-friendly” values of the parade and celebration, or is it parent’s responsibility to keep their children away or wait until an appropriate age to experience such adult-themed participation?

I took this question to Facebook to see what the general population thought. Here are some of the comments:

What do you think? Please feel free to leave comments below!


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  • How about skipping both?

    Both are for adults anyway, despite the BH parade being about a sports team.

    In fact, why not get rid of all the parades? They are just shilling contests for politicians and cost thousands in taxpayer dollars.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Even for those who will have everlasting memories of experiencing those events with their parents? A young child on the shoulders of his father, watching his/her favorite player hoisting the trophy in front of millions of adoring fans. Or the child who is confused with his sexuality and is scared to come out, witnessing thousands of people just like him/her liberating themselves in front of thousands of adoring spectators? It would be tough to just "get rid" of those events, don't you think?

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