What seven songs would you select for the soundtrack of your life after you die?

And Vinyly, a company that offers vinyl lovers a chance to have their ashes pressed into a vinyl records for loved ones to enjoy post-demise. The way it works is first you must die, then you must be cremated. Once the cremation process is over, your ashes will be sent to a record pressing plant, and it will be mixed into the vinyl pellets that are then used to press the discs.

You can either record a personal message, state your last will and testament, or set a playlist for a soundtrack of your life. Not only does this sound like great idea for a post-mortem option, it got me thinking about what songs I would select for the soundtrack of my life.

The songs you select would have to be significant, you only get seven. They must be timeless, but also sentimental and represent a moment in time. These songs must represent you, an audio identification of your soul – your life and times.

This is also your final say, literally, so why not get fun with it? Why not put a little mystery and add something that has no relation or significance to you at all? Your friends and family will wonder for years what the song meant – not knowing that there isn’t anything  – and come up with their own conclusions about the song and you!

I came up with seven songs that I would put on my soundtrack, here they are:

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