My case for cutting "The White Mamba" Brian Scalabrine

My case for cutting "The White Mamba" Brian Scalabrine

The Chicago Bulls should cut Brian Scalabrine.

I can hear the fans both in Boston and Chicago complaining now. My reason’s are simple, however Scalabrine’s contributions to the Chicago Bulls are far more complex.

Brian “White Mamba” Scalabrine has gained great followings and cheers for his hard work approach – given his less than applicable abilities – and his on court coaching skills. Unfortunately for Scalabrine, he doesn’t see much time on floor and his best spot is sitting at the end of the bench gathering chants from fans at the end of blowouts encouraging his entry into the game.

Scalabrine was a good college basketball player, averaging 15.7ppg and 6.1rpg for the University of Southern California. He was drafted in the 2nd round, 34th overall by the New Jersey Nets, where he spent 4 seasons and averaged 3.9ppg and 2.9rpg.

He was then picked up and signed as a free agent with the Boston Celtics – where thus far – he has spent his most formidable seasons. Brian averaged 2.7ppg, 1.2rpg, but became more of a respective leader, providing chemistry and camaraderie on the bench and in practices. This was among many was adjuvant to the Celtics magical run in the playoffs – ultimately leading to an NBA Finals win over the Los Angeles Lakers.

Scalabrine knows the championship formula, unfortunately for him it no longer translates on the court.  Even in the Boston Celtics 2009-10 Finals series against the Lakers, Scalabrine only played for .50secs in the final Game 7 matchup, he didn’t play for the entire playoff run up until that point.

No doubt that Scalabrine is an emotional and inspirational source for knowledge and motivation on this Bulls team. However, there are places for individuals such that emody such qualities in the Bulls organization and in the league – it is called an assistant coach.

The Bulls lacked the help that then MVP guard Derrick Rose needed to outlast the Miami Heat in a seven game series. Rose was often double and tripled teamed, unable to escape or depend on a true second scorer the Bulls fell to the Heat in just five games. Derrick hasn’t forgotten what happened, and neither have I.

“As I See It”, the Bulls need every roster spot possible, equipped with players that are able to step in a contribute at a moments notice. Brian Scalabrine is not that player. The Bulls have an opportunity to maximize this roster for the benefit of building a deep playoff contender, and they should be one – sans Brian Scalabrine.

It is to be noted that the Bulls won’t play the entire roster for significant minutes in the playoffs. It is also to be noted that every player on the Bulls are human, injuries are possible and I highly doubt those same fans that chant for Scals’ as if he were a starter – would resume that sentiment when he does have to start in a Game 2 or 3 against the Heat and put up a 8 point, 4reb effort in 34 minutes.

I have always applauded Brian’s effort, I love the hustle and hard hat/lunch pail attitude he exudes on the floor. I don’t however, feel as if his role on the team extends beyond the bench. And if that is the case, there is no need for him filling a roster spot on the Chicago Bulls heading into the second half of the season and ultimately a run for the NBA Championship.

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