Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field Drop Old Style Beer Following 2011 Season

Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field Drop Old Style Beer Following 2011 Season
Lights Out On Cubs and Old Style



As if the season could get any worse for Cubs fans, the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field announced they are severing ties with their long standing beer staple Old Style. Old Style beer has been just as big a part of Wrigley Field as the ivy which grows from the cold, hard brick in the outfield.

News of the divorce between the organization and the fully krausened company comes as a sudden shock, but also as a relief. Lousy baseball team sponsored by lousy beer, and overpriced lousy beer at that (as well as the general price of tickets, hint hint Tom Ricketts) was a recipe for disaster.  So maybe this is the first step in the right direction for the Cubs organization. Cut the fat meat, or the watered down beer for that matter.

But before the Cubs finish yet another lousy season and we say goodbye to the fully krausened $8 treat. I have a few parting words “As I See It”


  • Bud Light only sponsored the bleachers, but you my friend Old Style were the bleachers. With your cheapest alternative to any other brands of draft, you were by far the most consumed beverage by those 21 years of age and older (and by my account well beneath).



Can’t forget this guy…..


  • Thank you Old Style for helping misrepresent the loyal, annually broken hearted Cubs fans as one’s who care more about the beer vendor than the scorecard. We Cubs fans will be glad to switch from the beer of fraternity beer pong games to the beer of Jimmy Buffett and Dave Matthews Band concerts. Maybe the addition of subtly will calm down that unruly crowd of “yuppies”.
  • Old Style is a St. Louis Milwaukee brewing company which makes me sick. With such a rich culture of brewing history why would we take something that cheap and watery ESPECIALLY when it is brewed in the same territory as our bitter rival and all-around disliked St. Louis Cardinals Milwaukee Brewers? This has rubbed me for years. And is a reason why I refused to drink the beverage (during Cubs v Cards Brewers game only, I mean it’s the cheapest beer at Wrigley and that ain’t saying much.)
Changes made through courtesy of “As I See It” viewers like you!
(Note: All NL Central teams are hated equally as long as the Cubs look up at them in the standings.)

Was that Old Syle, Shane?

In a recent article in the Chicago Tribune, ownerships plan to sever ties with the Cubs and unethical business practices were outlined. Ultimately resounding in the the separation from the team:

In an internal memo to top staff one month after purchasing the company, C. Dean Metropoulos outlined a plan to see PBR sales grow 30 percent per year, Lone Star’s sales to double and for the company to create a “Four Loko“-like version of Colt 45, backed by an African-American star and jingle.

“I also want to try to exit the ‘Cubs’ deal and divert this money behind Old Style ‘Light,'” C. Dean Metropoulos wrote. The relationship between Old Style and the Chicago Cubs baseball team has existed for 61 years.

B.R. Zoom, the ad agency, was fired per order of Metropoulos. And former Pabst employees said the Metropoulos brothers, in almost daily phone calls, demanded that a host of ideas be implemented, such as Pabst brands being sold in Madison Square Garden, comic actor Will Ferrell sponsoring Old Milwaukee, PBR gift bags being given away at the Country Music Awards in Las Vegas sponsored by the Academy of Country Music.


So it appears that the company is off to bigger and better things and we now have traded in the division with beer vending companies. My only question remains, with the financial hardships that have recently plagued both the Chicago Cubs and hometown brewing company Goose Island, why not have the craft beer company sponsor the Cubs? It seems like common sense once you get down beneath the surface. The Cubs need a revitalizing image, Goose needs a platform and money. Match made in heaven. Politics aside if someone reads this that can make something happen before the 2012 season, get it done.

But I must admit that I will miss the feeling a cooling fresh dump of Old Style by some drunk lady or some over excited guy, that thought Derrick Lee connected on a swinging third strike on a hot summer day. Also, now that I am a current tax paying resident of the Wrigelyville 44th Ward I will not miss the gaggles of crushed old style and PBR cans that decorate the alleys and patches of grass that line Sheffield into Sheridan on my walks home from Wrigley.  I hope those aren’t from people who actually live in the neighborhood.



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  • While we're severing ties, let's get rid of Bud Light too. It's like barley-flavored water. And then let's get rid of Soriano.

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    Old Style is NOT a St. Louis brewing company, never has been. Old Style was first brewed in 1902 by the G. Heileman Brewing Company in La Crosse, Wisconsin... So were you drinking Bud during the Cardinals games? You know, the beer that is from St. Louis... Yes the beer at Wrigley is overpriced but I'll take Old Style over Bud anyday of the week

  • What about the commercials suggesting I, "Think Local, Drink Local. (G. Heilman Brewing Company. Milwaukee, Wisconsin)."? How will I be able to drink out-of-state beer that is still local?

  • I hate to break a couple things to the author, but here goes. First, Old Style is brewed in Milwaukee. The very link he provides in this post indicates that much--way down at the bottom there. However, Anheuser-Busch--the folks that brew Bud and Bud Light--was headquartered in St. Louis for decades, though they were recently bought out by Belgium's InBev. Though, I do love the irony of the writer drinking Bud as a protest against Old Style and St. Louis whenever the Cards came to town. That's actually pretty hilarious.

    And second, Goose Island's recent financial hardships? What hardships? They're doing awfully well for themselves as far as I can tell.

  • In reply to JoshDG:

    Old Style is currently brewed by Pabst, which is based in the Chicago suburb of Woodridge.

  • In reply to stlfan:

    Interesting, and the first I have heard of this.

  • In addition to the other points above, Goose Island has been purchased by Budweiser.

  • As others above have pointed out, Old Style is neither brewed in St. Louis (as Bud products are) nor inferior to Bud products.

    Old Style may not be an ale made by Belgian monks, but it's much better than Bud (but that's not saying much.)

    Oh, and Goose Island? It's owned by Anheiser Busch (ST. LOUIS) now. So even Chicago's biggest local beer is no longer local. Although, serving Goose products at Wrigley would be a vast improvement.

    Now, if the Cubs can actually put together a winning team...

  • In reply to hesips:

    St. Louis shall never own GOOSE!

  • Thank you Josh and Mark for the correction. Also my ties to Budweiser go further than just it's Cardinals ties if I am going to drink a St. Louis beer, might as well be a good one. As well unfortunately Goose Island has seen some unfortunate financial instability, ultimately having to be purchased by yours truly Anheuser-Busch. So I guess unfortunately and more hilariously to your note I will have to drink another St. Louis owned beer in protest of a Milwaukee owned or St. Louis owned (given who's correcting at that moment) beer once again for another season. Bud will always remain the king of beers for me no matter where it comes from.

    And to Aisle's other point, maybe if Goose could get some more backing from local business like the Cubs we wouldn't need to go to more commercial ownership.

  • In reply to Curtis Shaw Flagg:

    Aw, man, I'm sorry if I sounded like a jerk earlier. And of course I had to leave my desk before I could finish posting and a bunch of guys beat me to the punch re: Old Style and Milwaukee. No harm intended.

    But, I do want to say that GI did not sell to AB-InBev because they were having tough times financially. In fact, they sold to AB-InBev because they physically could not keep up with demand for their products. GI has for years had a distributor deal with AB (you can find their beers in a lot of different states). And GI was (maybe still is) part of the Craft Brewers Alliance with Redhook, Widmer Bros., and Kona Brewing. The deal to AB-InBev really isn't that bad. Now GI can brew and focus on their stellar award winning sour and barrel aged beers in Chicago (which they still do) and through this deal and remote brewing operations they're able to actually resurrect brands they had to kill off because they didn't have the space. Beers that people were really sad to see go.

    Note: I do not work for GI or AB-InBev. I'm just a beer nerd. And yes, to the point above, we should have some craft beer offerings at Wrigley. This is common all around the country, in fact. Hell, in StL Busch Stadium even sells Schlafly Beer. C'mon Rickets! Cheers.

  • In reply to JoshDG:

    Hey I appreciated you giving it to me straight no chaser. As a writer and opinion style writing at that, you make bold statements and those statements need to be backed with 100% accuracy as to not offend those who are knowledgeable of the situation.

    As to my GI statement, I worked for some time at the North/Clybourn Best Buy and was privy to some knowledge of GI's money troubles, tied most specifically to that area's brewery. I will note that I have NO direct knowledge of the companies finances, but it just seemed that one would be tied to the next.

    And I am definitely on the same boat with you and the rest of the readers on having a craft beer at the field. As I stated in the article I see it very fitting to have that craft beer maker be that of Goose Island. Just seems like a match made in heaven. Seriously, come on Ricketts! Cheers!

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    Now this is amazing... Cubs are dropping a mainstay... for old time Cub fans... this is like taking the Jelly away from peanut butter...Traditions in anything american are gone... might as well tear Wrigley Field Down and Build a New Close to Replica... Why Not...

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    In reply to ClownDog Anderson:

    Agree with you clowndog! Great idea, how long they going to hold on to wrigley?

  • In reply to Shawn Zigler:

    "As I See It": Case For A New Wrigley Field coming soon!......

  • Does this also mean that Virgil Pat will not be pushing Old Style on the radio? More dumbo "Here We Go" ads? Do we "here we go" into the trough?

    In the meantime, one benefit of HDTV is that we can now see the price on the plastic tub used by the beer vendors. Appears to be at least $7, which isn't worth it. I have not seen an Old Style tub down in the seats behind home plate, though. Maybe that is because it is only sold in the bleachers, as you imply.

    On the HDTV front, Miller Lite is $7.25 at "the South Side Ballpark," and I saw some woman drinking it in the scout seats behind the right handed batters' box, so I guess she "manned up." I thought that women dancing with each other were supposed to drink MGD.

    But to get back to the Cubs, even if they served Goose Island 315 [correct area code for where it will be brewed}, it would be like the Sox advertising Leinenkugel. I'm sure that your commenters can look into the relationship between Jake and SAB.

  • While I'd love to see craft beer in Wrigley, my only concern would how much would they charge? It's already criminal that they charge $7+ for watered down beer like Bud. What would a real beer cost in Wrigley? $9? $10? More???

  • It is TRULY a sad day to see Old Pile being shoved aside in favor of that anti-freeze infused panther pizz from St Louis. I would have much rather gotten a hold of an old batch of green Schlitz or crankcase oil that they used to market as Blatz Bock than now be forever forced to drink that spew Light that the sellout Busch family uses to finance their behind the closed door BEHIND activities.

    It's not a happy world leaving Wrigley Field after a loss unless you're fully kruesened.........

  • I'm pretty sure that if the guy in the shades had twisted a little he'd have broken the grip of the law. And if he had made a half-hearted attempt to flee, neither police officer was going to chase him.

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    jA fast question. I'm in Kentucky, is there any beer brand that has the Cubs logo on the cans?

  • More than likely not right now. But I'm sure that there will be tons of the old cans Chicago will no longer be using circulating through the US.

    Kind of the same way when a team is in the Super Bowl they print a ton of both teams shirts as Super Bowl champs then send the winners shirts to third world countries.

    Also if you want a Cubs logo on something I am positive that Muscle Milk has Cubs drinks sold all over the US. They are one of two teams that are broadcasted all across the country along with the Atlanta Braces (Ted Turner TBS)

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