Barack Obama Wants Aaron Rodgers To Quarterback The Chicago Bears

Barack Obama Wants Aaron Rodgers To Quarterback The Chicago Bears


The President of the United States of America Barack Obama invited the defending Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers to the White House for the traditional “Bring A Winner To The White House” ceremonies.

This was a peculiar moment because of the fact that President Obama is a Chicago native and more importantly a psuedo “die-hard” Bears fan (more a staple Sox fan as far as his representation of Chicago), so the meeting was definitely something of intrigue and interest.

The President did not dissappoint as usual adding colorful commentary and playful jabs at the Green Bay players, sparing no expense. The 44th President of the United States addressed a couple Packers personally in cornerback Charles Woodson and quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers.

Green Bay Packer Charles Woodson expressed disdain for Obama’s open loyalty to the Chicago Bears during last year’s playoffs and publicly stated his frustration in a garuntee:


 “The president don’t want to come watch us win the Super Bowl?” he said. “Guess what? We’ll go see him.”


Woodson stated he used that as a motivational tool to win the NFC and Super Bowl, and Obama gave credit where it was due:


“I gave Charles a little bulletin-board material last year,” Obama said of his vocal support of the Bears. “Charles said if the president doesn’t want to come watch us at the Super Bowl, then we’re going to him. . . . Charles, you’re a man of your word. And I’ve learned something that every NFL quarterback knows: Don’t mess with Charles Woodson.”


Now the next jab may be more a bit of controversy in the Chicago-land area. After the Woodson barb, Obama went into the fact that over 112,000 people own a share of the Green Bay Packers, the only proffessional sports team that is publicly traded. He was then presented with a certificate of stock making him a minority owner in the Packer franchise.

Obama then took a moment to either praise Aaron Rodgers or throw Bears quarterback Jay Cutler under the bus with this comment:

“If I’m a part owner,” Obama said, “I think we should initiate a trade to send Rodgers down to the Bears.”


Now mind you that there was actually no real direct mention to Aaron Rodgers or any other quarterback for that matter, but he still made mention of something that was on his mind.

And that is why I like Obama, although that comment was borderline treason.

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