The Morning After: Art Chicago and Gallery Opening Night

by Stephanie Burke and Jeriah Hildwine

You wake up, bleary-eyed, not sure where, or even who, you are.  “Why am I sticky?” you ask yourself.  “Did I see a man with an axe, chopping up puppies?”  Congratulations.  You survived Art Chicago.

Check out the slideshow for images from Artropolis (Art Chicago/NEXT), some Black Pass events, Katrina Chamberlain’s project at the MCA, the SAIC MFA show, Friday night’s opening at Firecat Projects, and the Saturday night gallery openings.  Highlights included a man with an axe smashing (paintings of) puppies, Katrina giving people tattoos (Steph and I each got one), delicious sandwiches at Ann Nathan (thanks, Ann!), Joe Amrhein’s reception at Firecat (always a great time), and capoeira at Linda Warren.

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