The Weekend Gallery Crawl... (7/9-7/11)

From my beloved blog, The Gallery
Crawl and So Much More
, I bring you, once again, The Weekend Gallery
Crawl, the most comprehensive listing of weekend art openings in the
Chicago region of the internet. Enjoy… Friday 7/9 –

Block Museum of Art – 40 Arts Circle Dr. Land Without End, work by Theo Leffman. 7/9-8/29.


Intuit – 756 N. Milwaukee Ave. Almost There, work by Peter Anton. Reception 5-8pm. 7/9-12/30.


Chicago Cultural Center – 78 E. Washington St. Nicaragua, work by Grant Ramsey & Coterminous: An Installation by Jason Peot & Expect Nothing: New Works by Jackie Kazarian. Reception 6-8pm. 7/3-9/26.

Gallery Uno – 410 S. Michigan Ave. #541. Bye!, work by Chris Lin. Reception 6-9pm.


Noble & Superior Projects – 1418 W. Superior St. Younger Than Janis, work by Marcel Alcala, Ryan Barone, Lucas Blair, Patrick Bobilin, Connor Camburn, Kevin Clancy, Adam Cruces, Cara Anne Greene, Eliza Koch, Andre & Evan Lenox, Vanessa Macholl, Celia Marks, Ross Meckfessel, Michael Morris, Erin Nixon, Michael Radziewicz, Anna Rochinski, Steve Ruiz, Liz Rugg, Hannah Verrill, Blair Waters, Ali White, Andrew Norman Wilson and Travis Wyche. Reception 6-10pm. 7/9-8/7.


Chicago Art Department – 1837 S Halsted St. Action!, work by works by Ryan Roberts, Christophe Roberts, Clare Rosean, Nat Soti, Jim Jeffers, Ali Serradge, Sarah and Joseph Belknap, Kayce Bayer and Chris Lin, and Kerry Flaherty. Reception 6-10pm.

Logsdon 1909 Gallery – 1909 S. Halsted St. Perceptions, work by Mary S. Rezny and Karen Spears. Reception 6-10pm. 7/9-7/24.

No Coast Exhibitions & Editions – 1500 W 17th St. Closing Reception for Megha Gupta. Reception and digestibles at 6pm.

Pentagon – 961 W 19th St, 1F. Living Treasure, work by Carl Baratta, Carolina Wheat, Montgomery Perry Smith, Theodore Darst and Ryan Ingebritson. Reception 7-10pm. 7/10-7/26.

Roxaboxen Exhibitions – 2130 W. 21st St. Mind’s I, work by Liz McCarthy, Carley Dergins, Virgina Aberle, and Emily Crabtree. Reception 6-9pm.


Fill in the Blank Gallery – 5038 N. Lincoln Ave. Visible City: Map Room, work by Aaron Delehanty. Reception 7-11pm. 7/9-8/7.


Addington Gallery – 704 N. Wells St. River Perspectives: Encaustic Paintings From the Yangtze and Amazon, work by Robin Denevan. Reception 5-8pm. 7/9-8/30.

Andrew Bae Gallery – 300 W. Superior St. New Faces, work by Lim Seung-chun, Jiha Moon, Shin Youngmi, and Wang Ziwon. Reception 5-8pm. 7/9-8/7.

Carl Hammer Gallery – 740 N. Wells. The All-Seeing Eye: Photographic Revelations, work by Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley, Blythe Bohnen, Lee Godie, Kahn and Selesnick, Mole and Thomas, Francois Robert, Bill Steber, Eugene Von Bruenchenhein and anonymous vernacular photographs. Reception 5:30-8:30pm. 7/9-8/27.

Perimeter Gallery – 210 W. Superior St. Joanna Pinsky & John Goodman & Laura Beard. Reception 5-8pm. 7/9-9/3.

Schneider Gallery – 230 W. Superior St. Easy Acquisitions, work by Guy Glorieux, Michelle Sank, Bill Westheimer, Jiang Yiming, and Pablo Gimenez Zapiola. Reception 5-7:30pm. 7/9-9/11.


Woman Made Gallery – 685 N. Milwaukee Ave. Category: Printmaking, group show & Her Way With Print, group show & In Flanders Fields, work by Fran Bull. Reception 6-9pm. 7/9-8/26.


The 1901 Gallery – 1901 W. Belmont Ave. CANCER: July Zodiac Dark & Erotic Art Gallery, work by Ivan Phillips, Clint Asaph, Ron Garcia, Geekitty, John Soraparu, ~E~. Reception 8pm-12am. 7/9-7/10.


Ukrainian National Museum – 2249 W. Superior St. Rediscovering Ukrainian Album Cover Art. Reception 7pm. 7/9-7/30.


Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture – 6500 S. Pulaski Rd. Ann Radville Grimmer. Reception 7pm. 7/9-8/22.


Black Walnut Gallery – 220 N. Aberdeen St. Quintilis, work by Clare Rosean, Dan Bradica, Jillian Ludwig, Kai MacNicol, John Zajac, and Katie Puenner. Reception 5-8pm. 7/1-7/31.

Dubhe CarreƱo Gallery – 118 N. Peoria St., 2nd fl. Introspection, work by Elsa Munoz. Reception 5:30-8:30. 7/9-8/28.

Packer Schopf Gallery – 942 W. Lake St. The Cowboy Constructions of Harry Young Circa 1930-1950, work by Harry Young & Gleaners, Hawkers, and Reapers, work by Catherine Jacobi & Skivery, work by Nancy Bardawil and Casey Gunshel & South County Scrapbook, work by Danny Hein. Reception 5-8pm. 7/9-8/21.


Heaven Gallery – 1550 N Milwaukee Ave. DIMINISH, work by Raymond Salvatore Harmon and Todd Carter. Performance 9-11pm. $5

Johalla Projects – 1561 N Milwaukee Ave. ACRE Summer Benefit, work by Caitlin Arnold, Alex Chitty, Ben Driggs, Paul Ershen, Scott Fortino, Rebecca Gordon, Elisa Harkins, Kelly Kaczynski, Irena Knezevic, Young Joon Kwak, Jason Lazarus, Aliza Morell, Heidi Norton, Jennifer Ray, Matt Siber, Montgomery Perry Smith, Greg Stimac, Brian Ulrich and more. Reception 6-10pm.

Sapere Intuitive Works Gallery – 1579 N. Milwaukee Ave, 3rd Floor, Studio 341. TECHNOMYSTICISM: THE ART OF RW RUEHLEN. Reception 5pm. 7/9-7/25.

Saturday 7/10 –


Co-Prosperity Sphere – 3219 S Morgan St. The Annual Cardboard Show, organized by Mike Pocius. Reception 6-10pm.


MVSEVM – 1626 N California Ave, 2. Exhibition 8.07102010, work by Daniel Baird, Jamie Keesling and Bret Schneider. Reception 6-10pm.


Images Gallery Cooperative – 1823 W. Wilson Ave. RavensHood 2010 – 4th Annual Juried Show, work by Chad Allen, Aviva Alter, Mia Capodilupo, Stina Kaczmaryn, Alan Lerner, Bill Moran, Jeff Phillips and Kate Stone. Reception 6-9pm.

Sunday 7/11 –


Evanston Art Center – 2603 Sheridan Rd. Scene, group show. Reception 1-4pm. 7/11-8/15.

Noyes Cultural Arts Center – 927 Noyes St. A Sense of Place: Rural Indiana Narratives, work by Kay Westhues. Reception 3-5pm. 7/9-9/4.


ADDS DONNA – 4223 W Lake St, 422. Behaviour, work by Edmund Chia. Reception 3-5pm. 7/11-8/15.


HungryMan Gallery – 2135 N Rockwell St. Closing Reception: Aaron Louis Fowler – Ocean. Reception 4-7pm.


Old Town Art Center – 1763 N. North Park Ave. Fabiola Guzman. Reception 2-5pm. 7/11-8/6.


Hills Esthetic Center – 128 N Campbell Ave. Closing Reception: Remembering the Future. Reception and potluck 8-11pm.

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