Tara Strickstein's "Pataphor" at Next Art Fair/Art Chicago 2010

by Jeriah Hildwine


The cast of Tara Strickstein’s “Pataphor” hams it up for the camera.

Pataphor” is a an analog of “metaphor,” referring to an analogy taken one step farther, so that the metaphorical construction has become the concrete foundation on which other analogies are made.  It is also Tara Strickstein‘s contribution to the NEXT Art Fair 2010:  a Japanese-style game show in which contestants face off against each other in feats of wits and strength to win valuable prizes…and then Stephanie and I destroy them in the cage.

From the press release:  From
the mind that brought you JELLY ROLL : The Spectacle (NEXT 2009)

Bloodshed Event presents Pataphor, by artist Tara
Strickstein, the second in a series of calculated situational constructs
rooted in social psychology and behavioral theory; the seven deadly
sins incarnate. Performed in an exaggerated and macabre game-show
aesthetic, this interactive installation investigates zero-sum game
theory as it relates to pride, greed and envy. Through a series of
absurd feats of strength, wit and endurance, viewers-cum-participants
will undergo a psychological re-valuation of symbols of victory.

We’ve done a couple shows already, on Thursday and Friday.  Check out the slideshow for images of me and Steph as the world-famous husband and wife wrestling team “Master” and “Baiter,” and the rest of the crew and contestants of Pataphor!  Then come on down to the 7th floor of Merchandise Mart to see a show!  We’re on at 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm, today (Saturday) and tomorrow (Sunday).

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