Where the F*#K are YOU going? (04/30/10 - 05/01/10)

by Jeriah Hildwine

Well, Stephanie’s working on some other stuff and then coming in to do a presentation for my General Drawing class at Wright this afternoon, so I’m filling in for her to let you all know where the bleep we are going.


“Pataphor” by Tara Strickstein. At NEXT, on the 7th Floor of the Merchandise Mart, performances recurring this Thursday through Sunday.

Of course the big news for this weekend is Art Chicago, which will be tying up the majority of our time.  Both Steph and I are performing in Tara Strickstein’s piece “Pataphor,” which will be taking place as part of NEXT.  “Pataphor” is located in booth #
7-9138, not really in a booth per se but dominating an outside corner of the seventh floor.  We’ll be performing on Thursday at 2pm (for the crazy fancy MCA fundraiser), 5pm (for the invitation-only VIP/Professional Preview), and 8pm (for the Public Preview).  Friday through Sunday we will be performing at 2pm, 3:30pm, and 5pm. Stop by, check out the performance, and try your skills in the crazy game show.  You may even get a chance to fight me in the cage!

But we’ve got to keep on rockin’ in the art world, so after we’re done performing we’re going to drag ourselves out to the galleries.

Friday, April 30th, 2010

For reasons mysterious to me, this year the big gallery opening is on Saturday, rather than Friday, but there are still a few good things going on on Friday.  We’re going to three shows featuring work by people we know, because you’ve got to be there for your homies.  We’re starting off at Jessica Labatte’s show Lazy Shadows, at Golden; Jessica was in the MFA Photo program at SAIC with Stephanie Burke, and she’s a friend of ours. 

Then we’re headed down to the Sullivan Galleries in the Loop for the SAIC MFA exhibition; lots and lots of our good friends are showing work, including Elise Goldstein, Allison Fall, Sarah Belknap, Dave Murray, David McClain, Jessica Hyatt, Lorena Gomez Mostajo, Caleb Charland, and Danny Greene.

Lastly, we’re headed over to the West Loop for TheArtTrade launch party, featuring work by 20+ emerging artists, including the young and talented Megan Baker.  We met Megan at an opening a few months ago and I’m excited to finally see her work.


Golden Gallery – 816 W. Newport Ave. Lazy Shadows, work by Jessica
. Reception 7-10pm. 4/30-6/12.

Sullivan Galleries – 33 S. State St. SAIC Graduate
Exhibition. Reception 8-10pm. 5/1-5/21.

Ugly Step Sister
1044 W. Fulton Market.  TheArtTrade launch party 6pm -11pm, 4/30/2010.

Saturday, May 1st, 2010


Chicago Gallery News and Art Chicago have teamed up to provide free shuttles between River North and the West Loop this Saturday, so Art Chicago attendees can go out the the galleries after the show!

Well, there is a whole crapload of art opening this Saturday, and we’re going to see as much of it as we can.  As you know if you read Stephanie Burke’s Gallery Crawl, there is going to be art all over the place, not just in River North and the West Loop.  But, as we’ll be just finishing up Tara’s performance in Merch Mart, we’re going to start in River North, then take the shuttle over to the West Loop, and then try to catch the last one back to River North to take the Brown Line home…unless we get invited to a classy and exclusive party, especially one with catering and an open bar. 


Free shuttles will run gallery-crawlers back and forth between River North and the West Loop. No need to deal with CTA, no worrying about parking, and nobody’s got to play Designated Driver.

Click on the images above, or visit The Chicago Gallery News, to see exactly where we’ll be going.  We’re going to hit as many things on that list as we can.  I’m expecting a lot of good work, a lot of bad work, and a lot of snacks!

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