The Art and Science of Choosing Happiness is intended to help anyone in any situation train themselves to live a happier life.  Happiness is a choice that we make everyday.  Over time we are even able to train our brains to automatically think in ways that are more conducive to happier more contented lives.  Living happier in turn leads to a number of physiological and psychological benefits that range from having less stress to improving overall health and longevity.

But if happiness is a choice, why are so many people still so angry, stressed and unhappy?  It often seems like there is an anger epidemic on the news and in social media.  Why aren't more people choosing happiness?  A partial answer is that making the happiness choice is often challenging to say the least.

As humans we are hardwired to use heuristics (shortcuts) to make sense of the massive amounts of information we encounter everyday.  While those shortcuts help us manage the information overload, they also often lead to erroneous inferences, judgements, expectations and predictions about situations and people in our lives.  Much of this thinking is counterproductive to the principles of Positive Psychology.  So we may hear the buzzwords everyday about thinking positively, feeling gratitude, being accepting, living in the present, etc; yet find it very difficult to actually do those things due to the shortcuts our brains (almost automatically) making.

The aim of The Art and Science of Choosing Happiness is to help people retrain their brains to override those heuristics and allow them to embrace thinking that will improve their happiness on a more regular basis.  Everyday anecdotes, the daily headlines, personal experiences and suggestions from readers will be used to expose those nasty, counterproductive thought shortcuts, demystify them, replace them with more happiness related thoughts and behaviors, and train our brains to choose happiness.

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