Game of Thrones? Walking Dead? No, thanks. I'm hanging with Perry Mason

Game of Thrones? Walking Dead? No, thanks. I'm hanging with Perry Mason
These are the kinds of shows that no one at work can talk about unless everyone within earshot has seen the latest episode. (Then it’s yada-yada-yada-I-can’t-believe-that-happened, and everyone has their own version of here’s-what-I-think-will-happen-next.) I get the attraction. Award-winning shows like this deliver what viewers apparently want — realism mixed with fantasy, comedy and drama... Read more »

He promised a wall. Mission accomplished.

I’m having a hard time following much of this post-election coverage. I can’t take one more minute of how-did-it-how-could-this-happen. It did. And there are no surprises here. He’s the man who promised The Wall. We all have family, friends, neighbors and co-workers who made this happen. We heard their comments. We heard them say how... Read more »

Hey, card companies, where are the wedding cards for my gay friends?

Andy and Bob are getting married. Andy is my colleague, well-liked and respected in our department. His wedding isn’t until August, but with the school year winding down, we decided to have a celebration for him. As soon as we can bust out of school, we’re headed over to Cooper’s Hawk to that wonderful bar... Read more »

Step away from the Oreos; here's an easy cookie recipe made for lazy cooks like me

I freely admit I am a lazy cook. That means I don’t mess with yeast, whipped egg whites or pie crusts. (Refrigerated pie dough — genius.) Neither do I knead. Cookie recipes that tell me to roll, slice, cut or shape don’t make it in my kitchen, either. (Snickerdoodles excluded.) Drop cookies are made for... Read more »

Start your cookouts with potato salad, jello and a martini. Summer will find us.

Saturday morning I woke to a snow-covered yard and my weather app reading 21-feels-like-10. I stood on the back porch and watched my dog revert to his winter three-leg snow squat, wobbling as he took care of business, while once again I exhaled winter-white puffs. It’s April. Where the heck is spring? I’d planned to... Read more »

May I have your insurance card?

Each time I go to the doctor, I’m asked to show my insurance card, even though the receptionist knows darn well the practice wouldn’t have taken me on as a patient if I didn’t have insurance. It doesn’t matter that she’s already taken it, scanned it, and recorded its information in umpteen different places in... Read more »

Who is They? It's time to unmask that know-it-all

I just want to know … Why is They the power of everything? Who made They the undisputed boss of us? I bump into They all the time, usually hanging out in the company of Its favored sidekicks, mostly Say, and sometimes Want. But I’ve yet to know who They really is. Has anyone ever... Read more »

Apple cinnamon potpourri for when your dog brings the outdoors in

Critters visit our back yard — rabbits, chipmunks, skunks, squirrels, and the occasional deer, opossum, fox and coyote. Our dog Duncan believes it’s his job to protect us from all these creatures, and he dutifully lets us know when any dare to breach our property. I’m careful when I let him out, especially at dawn... Read more »

Slide into fall with Turkey Vegetable Chili

Yellow squash. Zucchini. Red onion. Orange, yellow and red peppers. All the colors of summer still fill the baskets at my favorite farmers market and grocery stores. But let’s be real — we’re heading into the stretch, leaving summer behind. I can’t say I’m all that sad about it, so I’ll just put it out... Read more »

An easy go-to dip to see you through the summer

Whether cooking is your thing or not, we can all use that one recipe which goes together with a minimum of fuss and will be a welcome addition to the potluck table at the cookout. Here’s that recipe. Fresh Guacamole and Corn Dip. And what’s good about it is its versatility — it can be... Read more »