Why Arch-X-Perience

Chicago is known around the world as a mecca for architecture. Thousands of tourists flock to the city to experience its architecture and culture. The design world is ever changing and there is always some type of event around this subject happening. "Arch-X-Perience" is about new buildings, restaurants, shops, exhibit installations, public art, environments, and some tips, information, and candid reactions based on direct experiences of a designed space from casual observers.

How do I pronounce Arch-X-Perience

It is a contraction of the words Architecture and Experience. You're in for a ride and it's going to be fun!

Who is behind Arch-X-Perience

Contributing writers led by its editor, Lira Luis, FRIBA, AIA, NCARB, CeM, LEED-AP, the ALLL staff, including Leapfrog Project collaborators.

How to Contact Lira

Email: editor@chicagonow.liraluis.com

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