An exhibit celebrating the key role of Asian Americans on the Blockchain

Editor’s Commentary by Lira Luis:

This month, we will be featuring Asian Americans in ChicagoNow’s ArchXPerience to elevate the profile of their contributions to societies. Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is observed in the United States during the month of May 1st through the 31st, and recognizes the contributions and influence of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans to the history, culture, and achievements of the United States. Today’s feature is Drue Kataoka who you might most recently encountered as one of Clubhouse’s icons. She is curator of an ongoing exhibit called The Gold Standard. Architects and artists have long been designing with the Vitruvian Man in mind, a drawing made by Leonardo da Vinci in 1490 that aimed to represent the proportions of the human body according to Vitruvius. Drue took on the challenge of re-imagining this and challenges us to do the same in her “Vitruvian Woman”.

Drue Kataoka, artist/technologist of “Vitruvian Woman” and curator of #TheGoldStandard

In celebration of AAPI Month, SuperRare is pleased to announce the first ever exhibition dedicated to showcasing the work of Asian American artists.  Running the entire month of May and entitled The Gold Standard (follow hashtag #TheGoldStandard), the exhibition is curated by artist-technologist-activist and CEO of Drue Kataoka Art Studios, Drue Kataoka#TheGoldStandard spotlights the vast contributions of Asian American artists in the digital art world.  Ten artists refract the Asian American and global pan-Asian experience through their diverse practices.

“Vitruvian Woman” by Artist: Drue Kataoka x Concept Art House

“Asian American artists have been the backbone of digital creativity for decades: from pushing visual technology to its limits in Hollywood special effects, to building virtual worlds for top gaming experiences, to advancing the frontier of technology art.   Asian Americans have played a critical role in turning the best-known digital franchises into household names, all the while toiling in the shadows.  Now, as crypto art and NFTs liberate artists, armies of incredible talent are claiming their sovereign artistic identities along with their Asian heritage.  So, for this first of its kind show, I came up with the name #TheGoldStandard in reference to Asian skin, but also to excellence, and of course– to the roots of cryptocurrencies (and crypto art) as the ‘new gold.’” shared Kataoka.

#TheGoldStandard collection features ten artworks from prominent Asian-American artists, ranging from rising stars in the NFT space to scientists and researchers who are pushing the frontier of what is technically possible in crypto to veterans of some of the world’s leading special effects houses in the entertainment industry, to art entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.  All works will be on exhibit and available for purchase during the month of May on SuperRare exclusively.

“SuperRare is thrilled to be the first NFT platform to highlight the work of Asian American artists in this way,” states SuperRare CEO John CrainWe have a track record of identifying trends in the NFT space early and saw a big wave coming with Asian American talent in the NFT ecosystem.  It’s a pleasure to collaborate with Drue Kataoka who leveraged her art to raise over $750,000 USD for social justice causes in 2021 alone.”

Participating artists include: internationally exhibiting research-based artist Ani Liu, internationally exhibited photographer Billy Dinh, award-winning global studio Concept Art House, multidisciplinary filmmaker Curry Sicong Tian, renowned artist, technologist & activist Drue Kataoka, 40-year National Geographic photographic artist & Sony Ambassador Mike Yamashita, multidisciplinary artist Reuben Wu, award winning CG Artist Te Hu, new media artist/designer/researcher Weidi Zhang, artist and engineer Xin Liu, and poet/artist Anand Venkateswaran.     

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