The Obama Presidential Center finds its center in the South Side

On Tuesday, February 27th, I attended the public meeting to discuss the future of the Obama Presidential Center. There were five session topics offered and one of them piqued my interest the most: “Designing the Obama Presidential Campus: Buildings & Landscape”. The buildings in the Obama Presidential Campus are being designed by Todd Williams and Billie Tsien of TWBTA. Prior to this meeting, I was already familiar with their built projects and encountered one of them when I was living in Arizona, the Phoenix Art Museum expansion. I was curious to hear and see the development drawings from the first time they were presented to where they are now. And this was totally unexpected… Every line, action, and story led to this center:

“I want young people all across the South Side of Chicago, all across Chicago, all across America to be able to look at this Center and say, ‘This is a sign I count and this is a sign that I can change the world, ” said President Obama during his surprise appearance at the public meeting.

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