Mobilizing The Cube

Quintessential start-up companies had been traditionally started out of one’s garage or that spare bedroom in the house. It seems likely that the virtual office, with the blending of home and work where the ultimate goal is that of efficiency, becomes a natural alternative to setting up an office. Technology plays an important role in the emergence of the virtual office concept. It dates as far back as the Industrial Revolution where telecommuting was first introduced. With the advent of the Information Age, we saw how it evolved to what it is today from when it was first conceptualized by Alf Moufarrige, Founder of Servcorp, as an offshoot from the executive suites industry. It is essentially space utilization complemented with professional live communications. Overhead costs are minimized, while professionalism gets maximized, partly because of the non-existent burden of health care costs of employees, records, payroll, insurance and rent, and the traditional paid time-off.

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