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Can Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. be used to find funding for a project, or project leads?

Can architects/ designers/ interior designers use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. to find work or new project opportunities? What about funding for projects, or even winning an online contest? How is social technology increasingly paving the way for co-working? I’ve shared some of this information with you once during the 2011 AIA National Convention in New... Read more »

Mobilizing The Cube

“In a 2010 study conducted by IDC, the IT research form projected that by 2012, the total of office-based, non-office based and home based mobile workers will grow to nearly 1.2 billion people representing more than a third of the worlds workforce.  Gartner Group claims that less than 20% of the Global 2000 will have reached a level of maturity to support a distributed workforce.  So, it’s no wonder that stats from GartnerGroup and an article in BusinessWeek indicated that anywhere between 40-60% of office space sits empty.  The fact is, the old logic of real estate doesn’t work.  The notion that one, fixed space will support the unique ways in which people work and the agility business needs to be competitive.  Flexible workspace practices whether it co-working, membership programs, semi-private or private offices provide individuals and business with the ability to align their office space with their workstyle and business needs,” explains Lori Ziesmer, General Manager of OfficeLinks.
Quintessential start-up companies had been traditionally started out of one’s garage or that spare bedroom in the house. It seems likely that the virtual office, with the blending of home and work where the ultimate goal is that of efficiency, becomes a natural alternative to setting up an office. Technology plays an important role in the... Read more »