May Day Anti-Capitalist Demonstration Chicago Photos

May Day Anti-Capitalist Demonstration Chicago Photos

A May Day anti-capitalist demonstration took place in Chicago as protesters marched from the city center taking over Michigan Avenue. Police responded quickly and at least one arrest was made.

Marchers weaved in and of traffic downtown passing The Chicago Tribune Building, Water Tower, The Hancock and back towards Union Station passing the Sears Tower (Wills Tower) ended up at Union Park.

One arrest was made on Michigan Avenue for failing to stay out of the street. More peaceful Rallies took place at Haymarket Statue for the unveiling of a new plaque. Larry Spivack Regional Director of Council 31 AFCME did the unveil at the 2:00 rally.


Chicago Police blocking doorway where someone came out and punched one of the marchers then went back inside. A police marcher confrontation then ensued.

May Day Chicago 2013 Federal Plaza Photos

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