Out with the Old: Ravenswood Hospital Demolition

Ravenswood Hospital, located at 1931 West Wilson Avenue, has been closed for more than 12 years. Originally built in 1907, Ravenswood Hospital had been a pillar of the north side Chicago community for many years. At the hospital’s highest point there were just under one thousand beds. It included ambulatory care, a psychiatric unit, rehabilitation, oncology, coronary care, a trauma ward, a nursing school and student residence on the 7.5 acre site.

Today, Ravenswood Hospital is being demolished floor by floor, making way for the new Lycee Francais de Chicago school. The $30 Million development will create a 90,000 square foot campus, including athletic fields. Lycee Francais de Chicago a private French-language school for elementary and high school students, purchased the land in November 2011. The school  is currently at 613 West Bittersweet Place, in a building the school has rented for 17 years. Fall 2015 is the target date for classes to start in the new facility.

Here is a photo gallery of the current demolition.

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