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Urban Stain: A Decaying Chicago Art Canvas

Urban Stain: A Decaying Chicago Art Canvas
Urban Stain an Artist Canvas The “Damen Silos” are located in Chicago just off the Damen Avenue exit of Interstate 55. Built by the Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad in 1906, back when Chicago was a big player in the grain trade The original complex included a powerhouse, elevator with temporary storage and processing silos, and thirty-five grain... Read more »

Cold and Icy Downtown Photos

With all of the news and weather forecasts today of  the big ice storm on it’s way, I headed downtown to see if I could capture some nice icy photos. I may have been a little early for the worst of the predicted on coming storm. Even though I did not find it as cold and icy... Read more »

Day 6: Ice Castle Still Burning - Photos

Day 6: Ice Castle Demolition still Burning - Rick Lobes, ChicagoNow, January 27, 2013
Day 6: Ice Castle Demolition still Burning Day 6 of the warehouse fire which began last Tuesday night and responded to by more than 200 firefighters in freezing temperatures. Sunday Chicago Fire and Police department personal are still keeping a close eye on the conditions and remain on the scene. Sunday morning demolition crews continue to work on the... Read more »

Fire and Ice Warehouse Demolition - Photos

Fire and Ice Warehouse Demolition - Photos
Demolition of Burning Bridgeport Warehouse  Day 4 of the Bridgeport warehouse fire, Crane operator Joe Fratt began the demolition last night by tearing down one wall, while fires still burned. Another wall will come down today until the warehouse at 37th and Ashland is completely brought to the ground. The fire began about 9:00 pm... Read more »

Frozen and Smoldering: Aftermath of the Largest Chicago Fire in 7 years - Reignited

Frozen and Smoldering: Aftermath of the Largest Chicago Fire in 7 years  — Rick Lobes, ChicagoNow, Jan. 23, 2013
Tuesday night just after 9:00 pm about 170 firefighters from 50 fire companies responded to a blaze in a vacant five-story warehouse located in the 3700 block of South Ashland Avenue in Bridgeport. Firefighters worked in shifts throughout the night battling the largest blaze Chicago has seen in 7 years. Wednesday night around 7:00 pm a part... Read more »

Andersonville Demolition Reveals Circa 1907

Andersonville Demolition Reveals - Chicago Daily News negatives collection,  DN-0074273. Courtesy of Chicago History Museum.
When an old abandoned auto shop was torn down on Clark Street in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood, a piece of  history was revealed. Located at 5438 N Clark, this Coca Cola sign has been hidden for a very long time. The building located at 5438 North Clark Street was reportedly built in 1913, the advertisement used on the building was widely... Read more »

How I Fell into Lake Michigan Taking Sunrise Photos - Photo Gallery

Sunrise Chicago: How I fell in Lake Michigan  — Rick Lobes, ChicagoNow-Another Look at Chicago, Jan. 19, 2013
I fell into Lake Michigan this morning! I was up before the sunrise and thought it would be a good morning to do a photo shoot at the lakefront. Everything was going great, the sunrise was nice and my city backdrop was shining. It was just another beautiful day. As I walked along the lakefront taking... Read more »

City Sleeping: Another WOW Shot! Photo Gallery

City Sleeping.  (R.M. Lobes / January 9, 2013)
Dinner at home and a after work nap, it’s Wednesday night.  I was all set to stay in and relax. I started thinking, it’s pretty nice out so I’ll go down to Vintage for a quick beer. After one I was not on my way back home, I had my camera gear with me so... Read more »

Vivian Maier: Master street photographer - exhibition at Chicago History Museum

Vivian Maier Self Portrait
Until her death, April 21, 2009, American amateur street photographer Vivian Maier was an undiscovered master photographer. Vivian Maier was born in New York February 1, 1926; she grew up in France and spent her adult years in the United States. She worked as a nanny in Chicago for about forty years. During this time she took an estimated 100,000 photographs, primarily of people... Read more »

Out with the Old: Ravenswood Hospital Demolition

Ravenswood Hospital Demolition
Ravenswood Hospital, located at 1931 West Wilson Avenue, has been closed for more than 12 years. Originally built in 1907, Ravenswood Hospital had been a pillar of the north side Chicago community for many years. At the hospital’s highest point there were just under one thousand beds. It included ambulatory care, a psychiatric unit, rehabilitation, oncology, coronary care, a trauma ward, a nursing school and student residence on... Read more »