Jurassic World - How The Raptors Won My Heart

All kids love dinosaurs, and I was no exception. Even when I saw the original Jurassic Park movie, I felt sorry for the raptor locked away as paleobotanist Dr. Ellie Sattler (played by Laura Dern) escaped from the remote communication facility. The poor living creature would starve to death, unrescued. The raptor was simply doing... Read more »

Free Parking at O'Hare - Thanks, Chicago!

Travel is a lot less fun that it used to be, so I’m using my best techniques for manifesting the positives. A couple of months ago, after four gate changes, I manifested the required airplane at the last gate, which made the family of five standing next to me very nervous, especially when they noticed... Read more »

Should Animals Be Kept In Zoos? This Viral Video May Change Your Mind

The ongoing debate continues – should animals be kept in zoos for their own protection, to preserve species that might otherwise face extinction, or to educate and entertain humans? For me, it depends on how the zoo is designed. When I first visited the San Diego Zoo as a teenager, I felt better about the... Read more »

Fireworks & Pets - Keep Your Pets Safe and Calm on July 4th

More pets are lost on the 4th of July than any other day of the year. I’ll never forget the little dog I spotted racing alone the sidewalk of a Chicago neighborhood as I returned home one evening after the fireworks. Fortunately, an off-duty Chicago police officer saw him, too. She and I gathered up... Read more »

What To Do When Your Pet Is Dying - Lili's Lesson

   Lili is showing us how to die, and also how to live. We know that this is her time, but we can’t help questioning our decision to let her leave us. It seems better to fight. There must be treatments, surgeries, medications that will give us more time, regardless of how futile and annoying... Read more »

Euthanizing Specific Breeds - A Must-Read By Tatiana's Tails

I love the Tatiana’s Tails blog, and hope that some day I can write so clearly on so many different animal-related topics. Tatiana’s latest post – John Bernthal Wants You To Take Action Against Breed Discrimination – answers so many of the same comments I received when I questioned what really happened just before another... Read more »

James Nevils III Mauled by a Dog - Whose Fault Is It?

This week, we heard yet another story about a “vicious attack” in which a dog mauled a 5-year-old child. Yes, this is a horrible tragedy. What’s always eeriest about the media coverage of these stories is the lack of details. No, I’m not a voyeur hoping to slake my internal bloodlust, and I don’t particularly... Read more »

Do the Animals Know What Tomorrow Brings?

The ChicagoNow blogging group has its latest topic for our 60 minute challenge – write about tomorrow – literally. Great day to do this, as I’ve been wrestling with challenges including a rejection of a column (for only the second time in more than 12 years of writing for that publication). It was “too political... Read more »

What Every Animal Rescuer Should Know

People who rescue animals are my heroes. Every day they face situations that would make most of us hysterical with anger and grief, and they do it because they are driven to save just one more starving, beaten, suffering creature. It’s hard to criticize anything they do with such compassion and positive intentions. Those of... Read more »

Dear Kitten: Regarding The Dog - Finally A Video That Shows What Animals Know!

Thumbnail image for 'Dear Kitten: Regarding The Dog - Finally A Video That Shows What Animals Know!'
Usually I find animal videos with scripted words either condescending or completely wrong in how they portray animal conversations and attitudes. This entire playlist is charming, and the Dear Kitten video is very close to some of the transcriptions of animal communication sessions in my files. Animals really do know how to form relationships, but... Read more »
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