The other day I was sitting around wondering why I have never started a blog.  To be honest, I like to waste time at work surfing the Internet, updating my Facebook accounts and Tweeting as much as the next guy but I wondered would anyone really want to read it or if anyone really cared what I thought.

Sometimes I hear folks who start a blog telling others that their musings are a “must read” or that these writings are making a real difference in the world and they are a new breed of journalist saving civilization one word at a time.  What a crock.

I have no illusions that this blog is anything of the sort.  This blog is fun and giving me another vehicle to waste time.

This is a blog about nothing (for all the Seinfeld fans out there).  Some might find my little stories humorous, maybe I give someone an idea, a recipe, a fun thing to do or just place to go.

I am not writing about human rights in China, Occupy Lincoln Park or tea bagging at the Bourbon Street Krystals…no I might wax poetic about that sometime.  Blogs like this one are just diversions for people with common interests.  That is all.  Simply put, I am, what we say in the South, a ne'er-do-well except I have a great job and good career, but I like the fun stuff.

My interests vary.   Cooking has always been a passion of mine and I love making comfort foods and entertaining for friends.  After spending almost 25 years working in and around college athletics, I still love sports but it is not my life…that is where cooking became a hobby.  The things I cook are fairly simple, easy to make and taste good.  Most of the time I find it is hard to mess up something if you combine things that all taste good separately.  But of course, the most important part of cooking is the pig.

I like movies (especially the random quote), all varieties of music, elevating sarcasm to an art form and/or making it an Olympic sport, reading and travel.  I also like good beer.

So if you decide to read these ramblings occasionally then I say good for you but if you don’t…I could care less.

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