Get To 3 Floyds Brewery Before The End Of March

Get To 3 Floyds Brewery Before The End Of March

Hello Friends

Like many craft beer connoisseurs in the Chicagoland area, 3 Floyds has quickly become my favorite “local” brewery.

Several of my overall favorites (Robert The Bruce, Alpha King and Zombie Dust) come from this out of the way brewery in Munster, Ind.

If you have never taken a quick day trip out to Munster to sample both the beer and the food at the 3 Floyds brewpub, you need to make the trip and I suggest that you do it before the end of March before the end of their renovation…more details to come.

Over the past few months, the brewery has been under renovation or “Destruction” as the folks out there call it.

Last Sunday on the way back to Chicago, I stopped in to grab a quick lunch with a friend.  If you have already been there, you know that there is normally a wait for seating but we pulled into the parking lot about 10 minutes before they opened at noon.  We found that this might be the perfect time to arrive as we were in the first group seated.

While we were waiting, I sensed that much too familiar smell of a smoker with that mind-numbing flavor of smoked hard wood wafting through the air.  This was something I did not notice during my only other trip to 3 Floyds.

Once seated, I asked our server Steve about the smoker outside and he told us that until the “Destruction” was completed they would be cooking everything on either the grill or smoker.  What a pity.  When I looked at the menu what did I see…smoked PORK, lamb and tri-tip beef, grilled house-made PORK sausage and burgers.   Think you might know where this goes from here…he fixes the cable.

During the “Destruction”, 3 Floyds does have a full complement of beers available but they are served in 16 or eight ounce plastic cups.  Also, growlers are unavailable.

When ordering my beer, it was very hard not to go with the Robert The Bruce, which is in my Top Five crafts, but I also wanted to try something I have never tasted before.  I settled on the Das Kleine Schwarz Einhorn and was very pleased.  This is a black German-style session beer that is just malty enough and was a fine pairing for the lunch I had decided to order.

We decided to try both the smoked pork shoulder and the tri-tip beef.  For those unfamiliar with tri-tip, it is a cut from the bottom sirloin that is very popular on the West Coast.

Both the pork and the beef were served, much to my surprise, Central Texas style…the meat on butcher paper with a slice of white bread and a side of sauce.  As any real fan of smoked meat will tell you, first try your meat without sauce…as God intended it to be eaten.

I can say that both meats were outstanding but the tri-tip was the clear winner.  The chef/pitmaster is using a combination of cherry and hickory that gives the beef a perfect hint of sweetness.  As for the barbeque sauce, it is also very good…light and complimentary but does not have any of the fine 3 Floyds crafts as an ingredient.  In case I have to tell you, those two orders of smoked loveliness did not stand a chance.

After the meal, I decided to sample a Tiger Jelly, a Belgian pale ale, which was also very good.

Another benefit of the “Destruction” is that the old restrooms inside the brewpub are under construction.  That means customers are routed to the facilities out in the brewery.  GF NOTE:  Whether you need to use the bathroom or not, go back there anyway and you will get a little “mini-tour” of the brewery.

For dessert, 3 Floyds offered an item that “And They Called It Pork” could not leave without purchasing…a BACON chocolate chip cookie by Chef Mindy Segal.  The cookie was amazing with actually chunks of meat candy baked into the cookie.

As an added benefit to stopping at the brewery, you are able to purchase some of the harder-to-find 3 Floyds products and schlep them back to the city.  Of course, I made myself available to purchase a case of Zombie Dust, two (2) Lord Admiral Nelson bombers and one (1) Dreadnaught bomber…all of which make a nice sauce.

Well that is all for today friends and neighbors…stay classy our there.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Oh, it’s all right, darling, I’m a volunteer fireman. Okay, I am a semi-professional racecar driver and an amateur tattoo artist.“

COMING UP NEXT:  Lagniappe

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