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Larry Hoover Sr files federal lawsuit against SUPERMAX Prison

                                         At the request of my one of my regular blog readers Wallace “Gator” Bradley, I am pleased to honor his personal request for me to publicly share this information on this issue he is working... Read more »

Wallace "Gator" Bradley Campaigns for JB Pritzker On Broadcast Ministers Alliance TV Show

Veteran activist Wallace Gator Bradley is all over the Black grassroots community pushing the candidacy of JB Pritzker including this recent appearance on The Broadcast Media Alliance TV Show.

Wallace Gator Bradley Statement On JB Pritzker and Chris Kennedy

 Latest public statement from Wallace Gator Bradley On JB Pritzker and Chris Kennedy  (he requested that I share on my blog page in his own words)    It’s very important that JB Pritzker is elected , it hurts my soul ,when people try to convince African-Americans that the former President JFK and his brother for... Read more »

Wallace "Gator" Bradley Criticizes Senator Durbin Over His Endorsement Of Kim Foxx

  Wallace “Gator” Bradley Criticizes Senator Durbin Over His Endorsement Of Kim Foxx  and Reinforces His Support for Candidate Donna More        Statement written and submitted by Wallace “Gator” Bradley, a supporter of Candidate Donna More I KEEP READING AND HEARING ABOUT PAY2PLAY SCHEMES an TACTICS in reference to Kim Foxx and Cook... Read more »

Candidate Donna More Asks Anita Alvarez To Investigate Or Indict Candidate Kim Foxx

  DONNA MORE ASKS ANITA ALVAREZ TO INVESTIGATE OR INDICT KIM FOXX FOR PAY2PLAY “ See the complete request letter from Candidate Donna More to Anita Alvarez inside Wallace “Gator” Bradley’s ‘BRADLEY REPORT’ NEWSLETTER he submitted for ORDINARY PEOPLE to read!  Having trouble viewing this email? Click here   Donna Moore Tells It Like It Is- To God Be... Read more »

Wallace "Gator" Bradley Criticizes Sun Times Endorsement Of Kim Foxx For States Attorney

submission by BY WALLACE “GATOR” BRADLEY CRITICIZING SUN TIMES ENDORSEMENT OF KIM FOXX   The endorsement of Kim Foxx by anyone in general and the Chicago Sun-Times in particular gives the appearance of the cover-up of criminal activity known as PAY2PLAY http://chicago.suntimes.com/opinion/7/71/1341110/states-attorney-endorsement-foxx The concerns the the Chicago Tribune made mention of in the Endorsement of Kim... Read more »

Activist Wallace "Gator" Bradley Challenges Candidate Kim Foxx Qualifications/Conflicts In States Attorney Race

VETERAN ACTIVIST WALLACE “GATOR” BRADLEY CHALLENGES QUALIFICATIONS AND POTENTIAL CONFLICTS OF CANDIDATE KIM FOXX IN COOK COUNTY STATES ATTORNEYS RACE, along with noted and supported news links      :http://chicago.suntimes.com/news/7/71/1297890/mihalopoulos-trial-experience-claims-defining-issue-kim-foxx  : http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Discussion–Donna-More-and-Kim-Foxx—Check-It-out-.html?soid=1101388122235&aid=D11YzjZMNF4 : Wallace “Gator” Bradley (URBAN TRANSLATOR) told people she wasn’t qualified and she lacked experience based on the fact that Toni picked the weakest candidate... Read more »

Open Primary For States Attorney - Candidate Donna More 'Pleased'

Subject:   More – Pleased With Open Primary Decision For Immediate Release                           Contact: John E. Davis                                    312.622.1246                       ... Read more »

"Gator" Bradley/Other Blacks Hired For States Attorney Donna More's Campaign

Blacks Hired For States Attorney Donna More’s Campaign I don’t know much about any of the other States Attorney candidates early campaign investments and their platforms or outreach to the Black community, so for now I do like the fact that this candidate Donna More sought me out at The Bud Billiken Day VIP Breakfast... Read more »

Where are people like Gator Bradley and other veteran anti violence activists who endorsed Rahm in mayor and police chief's response to senseless violence?

I posted on Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Facebook Page the following analysis in his engagement of those in response to Chicago senseless violence — especially WHY are we not seeing the veteran anti violence activists being publicly engaged by The Mayor and Police Chief McCarthy that endorsed Rahm for re-election? “Mr. Mayor, I am just one... Read more »