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Kari Steele's MWRD President's 2019 End Of The Year Message

My personal and professional relationship with Kari Steele goes back many years and I am glad to share her community 2019 End-Of-The-Year Message..  And looking forward to our community outreach together in civically educating our grassroots community on the importance of her office, and the great works under jurisdiction of The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District.... Read more »

Commissioner Kari Steele For President Of The Water Reclamation District

 I hear that the new political/executive leadership of The Metroplitan Water Reclamation District are about the have their leadership elections on this Thursday.  I  want to lend my personal and public voice as a veteran political operative of over 40 years that current Commissioner Kari Steele SHOULD BE publicly supported as the new President Of... Read more »

Wallace "Gator" Bradley versus Candidate Patrick Daley Thompson Over Lack Of Consultant/Outreach Services Pay

The battle between Wallace “Gator” Bradley and Patrick Daley Thompson is going from private to public with Gator accusing the kin of former Mayors Daley of NOT being a man of his word in promising Bradley a retainer fee for visibility services and now not keeping his word and paying Gator, so lets stay tuned... Read more »

Pat Horton Deserves Re-Election and Better From Some Black Leaders Privately Dumping Her For Daley Kin

I have not heard many Black leaders talking publicly about this so I figure I will say a few words about how I hear some Black leaders are privately supporting Patrick D. Thompson over incumbent Patricia Horton for Water Reclamation District. From a Black empowerment perspective Black leaders should be campaigning for the re-election of... Read more »

Patricia Horton: What qualified her for election and now re-election for Metropolitan Water Reclamation District

Who is Patricia Horton Re-Elect Commissioner Patricia Horton. A resourceful leader with a diverse career portfolio, Patricia Horton is a natural born community advocate. A resourceful leader with a diverse career portfolio, Patricia Horton is a natural born community advocate. Her wide-ranging background includes roles from Public Relations Director to Executive Director of a not-for-profit... Read more »