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Massive Job Loss An Embarrassing Way To Celebrate Dr. King's Birthday January 15th

Last week when I was at The Rainbow/PUSH Coalition meeting, Rev. Jackson reminded me and others of how Dr. King spent his own last birthday planning a march for jobs, so as we now approach Dr. King’s birthday celebration it will be celebrated with the announcement of a massive jobs layoff. Instead of celebrating people... Read more »

Senator-Elect Mark Kirk - Whats Your Position On The Federal Funding To Keep The 26,000 Illinoians Working Under The "Put Illinois To Work" Program?

Outgoing Illinois Senator Roland Burris was supporting the release of federal funds that would continue the 26,000 Illinoians working under The “Put Illinois To Work” program, where Governor Quinn exhausted the State funds that were available to extend the jobs program from September 30th until November 30th, so now that a new deadline is approaching... Read more »

League of Women Voters shuts LeAlan Jones out of debate

Instead of being about voter education and voter empowerment, The League of Women Voters are now establishing their role in voter disenfranchisement in their snubbing LeAlan Jones from the U.S. Senate Debate. Hundreds of thousands of Illinois voters have participated in the Democratic process by formally establishing Independent candidacies to be on the ballot, and... Read more »

Congressman Kirk's Debate Challenge Failed To Include Black Candidate LeAlan Jones

It is unfair and unacceptable that Republican Congressman and Illinois Republican Party nominee for United States Senator for Illinois Mark Kirk excluded LeAlan Jones, a Black, and Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate from his recent proposals for U.S. Senate debates across the state. LeAlan Jones and The Green Party have rightfully earned official ballot... Read more »

Mark Allen, BLDI says the numbers show that LeAlan Jones Can Maintain Illinois as the only Black U.S. Senator!

MARK ALLEN TALKS — Historic Illinois politics when the numbers are beginning to show that grassroots independent candidate LeAlan Jones has the foundation to be elected the next Illinois U.S. Senator in November. If Black, Hispanic and progressive grassroots organizers begin to meet NOW and look at the numbers, the they will clearly see that... Read more »

Black Actvists Say Democrats and Republicans Have No Real Grassroots Black and Poor Peoples Agenda

MARK ALLEN TALKS —- One thing that is clear that you do not hear in the latest media battles between Governor Quinn and Senator Bill Bradley or Mark Kirk and Alexi Giannoulius is WHO best has a grassroots Black or poor people’s agenda and they are on the ballot with 5,000 signatures. And the indpendent... Read more »

Republican Mark Kirk and his aides STRETCH the truth regarding Alexi Giannouilias and Bank employees and depositors

Why during the midst of the federal takeover of The Broadway Bank did we not see bank employees on Tv crying about the jobs they lost or a rush on the bank by bank depositors withdrawing their accounts in fear of their money being lost by the takeover? Maybe its because federal regulators publicy assured... Read more »