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Remembering the death of Derrion Albert on this day September 24th, 2009

Remembering this tragic day in history SEPTEMBER 24th, 2009 of the tragic beating death of Fenger High School Honor Student DERRION ALBERT. God bless to all those, especially Alderman Carrie Austin, who worked with us to FINALLY secure getting part of those tragic blocks on 111th Street renamed in honor of Derrion Albert for his... Read more »

"Derrion Albert Day" With Honorary Street Sign Unveiling Saturday June 6th

Remembering Derrion Albert TODAY Wednesday September 24 at 6:30 PM, Fenger HS student killed five years ago today

Derrion Albert Remembered Today at 6:30 PM   Reminder to Meet Ms An-Janette Albert (the mother of Derrion Albert) on 48th & Champlain on TODAY, Wednesday September 24th at 6:30 PM for a prayer and balloon release in honor of her son Derrion Albert, the 16 year old (Chicago Public School) Fenger High School student... Read more »

Derrion Albert One Year Later - Nothing Has Changed, And We Have Adjusted To Nothing Changing

Unfortunately, there were a lot of “Derrion Albert’s” before Derrion and as Phillip Jackson of The Black Star Project continuously displays, the number of “Derrion’s” that continue to happen each week in our community and we have some how collectively have adjusted to the symbolic and less than “band-aid” approaches to addressing proactive and not... Read more »