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Guest commentary. "The Saga Of Dr. Leon Finney," by Hermene Hartman

As a veteran activist of over 40 years, I am pleased to accept the request of a long time associate and supporter Hermene Hartman of N’DIGO and share her guest commentary “The Saga Of Dr. Leon Finney.  In the past few weeks others have shared the commentary and shown Black independent support have been over... Read more »

MARK ALLEN TALKS at Black Star Project's SUNDAY UNIVERSITY, Sunday July 19th

Some can HEAR MY VOICE – MARK ALLEN TALKS at The Black Star Project’s SUNDAY UNIVERSITY Sunday July 19th at 2:30 PM, at The Black Star Project, located at 3509 South King Drive — and thank Phillip Jackson for my new role as PROFESSOR Mark Allen. It was also Phillip Jackson who last year who... Read more »


CHICAGO CITY TREASURER KURT SUMMERS JOINS END OF YEAR “BANK ON CHICAGO” FAMILY BANK DAY IN THE WOODLAWN COMMUNITY The Monroe Foundation, the Black Star Project and National Black Wall Street Chicago Collaborate to Put Families in Bank Accounts….Not Currency Exchanges! SATURDAY DECEMBER 13th “As Chairman of The Monroe Foundation’s Community Reinvestment Project, and lead... Read more »

The Community Plan To Reduce Violence In Chicago

The Community Plan to Reduce Violence in Chicago  (If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail.) Inspired by the peacemaking efforts of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in Chicago, the Fruit of Islam men of Muhammad Mosque No. 45 in Houston took to the streets to promote peace on July 16, 23... Read more »

Phillip Jackson Commentary - "America Has Lost A Generation Of Black Boys"

I am pleased to share this hard hitting national commentary by one of my contributor’s and long time allies in the struggle, Phillip Jackson of The Black Star Project America Has Lost  A Generation of Black Boys Who are young black women going to marry? Who is going to build and maintain the economies of... Read more »

News from The Black Star Project and Phillip Jackson

  If you are not willing to take your child to a free, Saturday small-group learning center, then you are part of the cause for your child’s failure. And if you are not willing to volunteer your time to educate Black children, please do not criticize us for educating Black children.  Saturday University – Greater Bethesda Campus... Read more »

Black Star Project Recruiting 500 Tutors For "Saturday University"

            Those who control the education of the children, control the future of that race.                                                                           Phillip Jackson, The Black Star Project   The Black Star Project’s Saturday University Will the serious educators who want to educate Black children and Black People please join us? Black People Across America Must Take Control of the... Read more »

Derrion Albert One Year Later - Nothing Has Changed, And We Have Adjusted To Nothing Changing

Unfortunately, there were a lot of “Derrion Albert’s” before Derrion and as Phillip Jackson of The Black Star Project continuously displays, the number of “Derrion’s” that continue to happen each week in our community and we have some how collectively have adjusted to the symbolic and less than “band-aid” approaches to addressing proactive and not... Read more »

Almost 600 Cities Join The Million Father March, Dads & Men Escorting Children Back To School September 6th

New York City, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Syracuse, Long Island, Westbury, Freeport, Hempstead, Rochester, Westchester, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, Harlem and Yonkers, New York Join the Million Father March   New York State Kicks Off This Year’s Take Your Child to School Initiative; Expects over 50 Schools Across the State Encouraging Men to Sign-up for the President’s Fatherhood... Read more »

Dr. Carl Bell's Principles Key To Bringing "Peace In The Hood," a renewed effort to reclaim the mindset of those commiting crime

I am proud to be promoting a new grassroots funding proposal for “Peace In The Hood,” led by The Black Star Projects Phillip Jackson, an effort to not just proclaim “Stop The Violence,” but once again incorporating the much needed “hands-on” efforts to reclaim the proper mindset of thoise who would at risk for commiting... Read more »