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League of Women Voters shuts LeAlan Jones out of debate

Instead of being about voter education and voter empowerment, The League of Women Voters are now establishing their role in voter disenfranchisement in their snubbing LeAlan Jones from the U.S. Senate Debate. Hundreds of thousands of Illinois voters have participated in the Democratic process by formally establishing Independent candidacies to be on the ballot, and... Read more »

When Did Black Leadership Abandon Their Cause Of Maintaining Black Voice In Illinois U.S. Senate Seat?

Black leaders never gave LeAlan Jones a chance. When should Black voters take Black leaders causes seriously when they seem so easy to come and go with they way the wind blows. Maybe this is why so many grassroots voters become apathetic and just figure they should organize on their own and stick to their... Read more »

My Friend Barack Obama Comes Home Again To Save Alexi's Political Life Versus Urban Youth Human Lives

    Isn’t it a sad state of affairs when our media and poltical leadership consider it a priority for President Obama to come back home to Chicago because of the urgency to raise money for an election but not to address resources for crime intervention and prevention? Resources to save political lives versus resources to... Read more »

If Alexi Giannoulias Loses Black Support Its Because He Waited Too Late To Invest In It

If Alexi Giannoulias Loses Black Support Its Because He Waited Too Late To Invest In It — Veteran Black Activist/Journalist Responds to Sun Times Column (August 23) by Laura Washington (Alexi Needs To Boost Black Support). A grassroots coalition of over 200 Black and poor constituent groups in the Chicago area unsuccessfully lobbied for the... Read more »

NO ONE Wants To Hold President Obama Accountable To His OWN Local Commitment While He's Home??

President Obama stated in HIS OWN WORDS as a State Senator that he wanted to be informed when The Southside Federal Community Credit Union that he supported as a Chicago Community Organizer and State Senator was finally legal and functioning so he could fulfill his $100 commitment to be a supporting member, and now that... Read more »

Congressman Kirk's Debate Challenge Failed To Include Black Candidate LeAlan Jones

It is unfair and unacceptable that Republican Congressman and Illinois Republican Party nominee for United States Senator for Illinois Mark Kirk excluded LeAlan Jones, a Black, and Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate from his recent proposals for U.S. Senate debates across the state. LeAlan Jones and The Green Party have rightfully earned official ballot... Read more »

Seaway and ShoreBank Get Worst Rating at Major Community Banking Forum With South Suburban Ministers and State Treasurer's Office!

MARK ALLEN TALKS — While Seaway and ShoreBank put up excellent public relations campaigns in certain Black media outlets, back on the ground where real poor people are, they both received the worst rating from a report card on banks and their investment with hundreds of grassroots community organizing efforts. The Monroe Foundation and The Community... Read more »

Mark Allen, BLDI says the numbers show that LeAlan Jones Can Maintain Illinois as the only Black U.S. Senator!

MARK ALLEN TALKS — Historic Illinois politics when the numbers are beginning to show that grassroots independent candidate LeAlan Jones has the foundation to be elected the next Illinois U.S. Senator in November. If Black, Hispanic and progressive grassroots organizers begin to meet NOW and look at the numbers, the they will clearly see that... Read more »

Black Actvists Say Democrats and Republicans Have No Real Grassroots Black and Poor Peoples Agenda

MARK ALLEN TALKS —- One thing that is clear that you do not hear in the latest media battles between Governor Quinn and Senator Bill Bradley or Mark Kirk and Alexi Giannoulius is WHO best has a grassroots Black or poor people’s agenda and they are on the ballot with 5,000 signatures. And the indpendent... Read more »

Mark Allen Hosts 2nd Chicago Follow-Up Meeting on Rev. Al Sharptons 12 Month National Plan - Banks Community Reinvestment Accountability Wednesday June 9th

Saturday, June 5, 2010 Contact Mark S. Allen @ 312-624-8351 or 773-392-0165   From Mark S. Allen, one of the national community organizers of Rev. Al Sharpton’s 12 Month National Action Plan, announcing the 2nd Chicago follow-up meeting delaing with Access To Capital and “Measuring The Movement” of our local organizing efforts to challenge banks,... Read more »