Positive Ex-Offender/Stop-The-Violence Project Saturday August 29th For Englewood/Auburn Gresham 17-21

Positive Ex-Offender/Stop The Violence Project In Englewood/Auburn Gresham Communities 
Saturday August 29th
(Advocates who can refer targeted youth 17-21 who want our 
project to Pay for their Rap Sheets with other resources)
PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES @11:00 AM – 12:00 Noon
This is our latest hands-on community effort where our GET CLEARED Campaign are strategically providing the resources to help Ex-Offenders and At-Risk Youth obtain their Rap Sheets, Provide free legal assistance to get engaged in the Expungement Process., Job Placement Assistance with companies openly willing to hire ex-offenders and At-Risk Youth for immediate employment opportunities. 
With the current rise in young people being detected with Covid-19 and a number who have unfortunately died, we are glad to also be providing Free Covid-19 testing in this same community that was the highest in Covid 19.  We will also be distributing much needed Covid-19 supplies like masks, sanitizer.
And because August is NATIONAL BLACK BUSINESS MONTH, in our gift bags will include samples of Black owned toilet tissue that is a part of our “Tissue Is The Issue” Campaign where we are showing Black Ex-offenders and At-Risk Youth that they can stay away from the violence from illegal street economies by going into business selling a legal Black owned product that everyone in the community needs and uses.  YES, “tissue is our issue” to show how the money that Black community spends on tissue regularly can take a lot of ex-offenders and At-Risk Youth away from the violence with a legitimate income and legal product.
Lets find time to cover some GOOD NEWS. 
HEAR MY VOICE! God bless 

(Mark S. Allen, Chairman Of National Black Wall Street Chicago) 


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