Bloomberg Ad To Black Voters Named After Greenwood Of Black Wall Street Tulsa

As Chairman Of National Black Wall Street Chicago, and host of The “Black Wall Street Reports” Talk show heard weekdays on know1radio, I have made NO personal endorsement for any primary Presidential Candidate during this current election cycle, locally or nationally.  However I am pleased with the Campaign spending that candidate Mike Bloomberg is doing with Black media locally and nationally.

As we now approach the 100th Year Commemoration of the 1921 massacre on the original Black Wall Street Of Tulsa anchored by Greenwood Avenue. I can publicly state that our National Black Wall Street movement has gained a lot of new visibility because of Bloomberg’s use of the term “Greenwood Initiative” for his economic plan targeted for The Black community. 

Even though there has been no public endorsement by the leaders of National Black Wall Street Chicago, in full disclosure it is appreciated that
The Bloomberg Campaign that I have included still chose local media entities associated with The Black Wall Street spirit and legacy to advertise from his campaign outreach to educate Black voters. 

Mark S. Allen


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