2019 Christmas/End-Of-The-Year Appeal


End-Of-The-Year Appeal God bless

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I am making this very personal appeal for much needed donor support for this Christmas/End-Of-The-Year Appeal to help sustain and grow my voice for the end of 2019 and to be able to strongly kick off my 2020 efforts anchored through National Black Wall Street Chicago headquarters and offices. 
Yes, I have had some personal Cancer health setbacks but while at the same time overcoming them have planted some very great seeds to be better structured, focused and positioned for 2020 with our year round Black Economic Advocacy and more. I think my voice and works are worth the investment. 
PLEASE make a donation directly today to PayPal account blackwallstreetchicago@yahoo.com There is a $3.00 service charge to donate by credit card through the website www.nationalblackwallstreetchicago.org 
Because of end of the year urgency those who can,  PLEASE donate directly to PayPal Account blackwallstreetchicago@yahoo.com Please HEAR MY VOICE! God bless  
Also at this Christmas/End-Of-The-Year season I am STILL so better than blessed by God to have been blessed to have been released from Little Company Of Mary Hospital on CHRISTMAS DAY 2016 after an almost 9 hour life-saving Colon Cancer Surgery and THIS 2019 CHRISTMAS DAY, I can officially proclaim that I am a THREE YEAR Colon Cancer Survivor!  HEAR MY VOICE! God bless 

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