Obama History Being Re-Written In Farewell Speech Coverage



I am sad as I watch so much of the local, national and international news reporting on Obama’s Farewell Speech and it looks like far too many of our own Black media have bought into describing the Obama legacy as starting with his career as a State Senator while absolutely participating in the re-writing of history by interviewing so many people who met and supported Obama AFTER his elections and didnt have a damned thing to do with his roots when the national media had no clue as some even made fun of just WHAT is a “Community Organizer” and what kind of qualification is it to seek elective office from this unknown position of Community Organizer and the power of community organizing.

We need an IMMEDIATE Call To Action is re-forming a sense of operational unity among an intergenerational groups of Black journalists and Black media professionals in re-establishing what the late Civil Right Icon Rev Willie T. Barrow organized back in the day when as her young assistant watched her organize what was called the FAIRNESS IN MEDIA COALITION who would quickly issue various position statements to various media outlets to force them to balance their reporting on issues and people in the Black community.

As I flip through the various news outlets since early this morning, I have yet to see not one piece of footage or interviews with any of the former community organizers who first worked with Obama as community organizers in Roseland where one of the first community campaigns with Obama in the community was the fight to establish the official research on the validity of extending The Red Line Expansion from 95th to 130th. Havent seen not one interview those former community activists who worked the streets with Obama in establishing what now is The Southside Community federal Credit Union. Havent seen not one of the former community organizers who worked with Obama as community organizers in the historic 1992 Voter Registration Campaign that historic numbers provided the numbers to elect Carol Moseley Braun as U.S. Senator.

Not one interview with Rev. Jesse Jackson on how he granted the leave of absence to the late legendary PUSH Political Director Alice Tregay to become Campaign Manager for Obama’s first campaign for State Senate and all the PUSH Political Education Staff who followed the request of Tregay to become the core management and Field team fore his successful election as State Senate! And from that PUSH Field team came people like Ken Bennett who ended up being a key staff member to Obama from The State Senate, U.S. Senate to The White House!! Not one interview with any of the key youth leaders back then who came to Obama’s defense when established leaders tried to get him to withdraw block him from running. WVON played major role in building Obama’s legitimacy in the community by allowing to be a regular guest host for Cliff Kelley, but havent seen one interview there either.

The core of what created, sustained, and grew the legacy of Barack Obama was the strategic leadership of the community leaders and community organizing community and grassroots Black media. ALL OF THAT is currently being written out of history with all these interviews with so many people who didnt have a damned thing to do with the seeds that created Barack Obama. If they are successful in writing us out of history then that elimination will translate into their being NO structured, focused, and positioned history of the hundreds and thousand of grassroots people who made up The Community Organizer and Community Organizing Community at the very core of the Obama legacy.

You cannot just sit back and settle for symbolic photo ops while this elimination of those who Grassroots Community Organizing Community and its impact with Obama in Chicago is written out of history, and that will lead to its elimination from being a major part of curriculum and legacy to teach a new generation as part of the Obama Library. we need an IMMEDIATE CALL TO ACTION by our own Black journalists, Assignment Editors and others to provide some immediate balance to the wrong way fa too much coverage today are mis-educating the city to the world on the true roots of the Obama legacy.

He LIVED in Hyde Park BUT his career started with fellow community organizers like myself and many others in the streets of Roseland. We need newly revised FAIRNESS IN MEDIA COVERAGE COALITION. Finally, I do commend my former Community organizer friend Obama for publicly stating that his career DID start in Chicago, but he and the media etc MUST be reminded that it did not start with the State Senate, but at the grassroots community, PUSH etc. HEAR MY VOICE!


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    The Untold Story: How Donald Trump Really Won?
    75 percent of America's high-poverty neighborhoods in 1970 still classified that way four decades later. Racial and class inequality is very much alive, "progressive politics" apartheid. Blacks have voted Democratic for almost 50 years are now being driven from their neighborhoods that have been their home for generations. We gave the Democratic Party our votes and they "took us for granted" leaving us living with social tension, unrest, and the worst GUN VIOLENCE AND VIOLENT CRIME . . . A diminished hope and no opportunities while the Democratic Party's upscale hipster real estate speculators prosper.

    President-Elect Donald Trump wants to enable states with dedicated grants and implementation standards related to diversity, inclusion, and targeted hiring the resources necessary to spur investment in underserved black neighborhoods. Stopping gun violence, revitalizing education, creating jobs, replacing substandard housing, and strengthening black families is a mandate we secured for him.

    That is, Mr. Trump owes his victory to "predominately black Democratic strongholds" who were convinced to give him more votes than the previous Republican candidates. African Americans convinced hundreds of thousands blacks to “boycott” the vote and/or voting "straight" Democrat. All across America the black vote "boycott" masterminded by Todd Elliott Koger effectuated an insurmountable obstruction for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. There is correspondence to the Trump campaign that outlined "Koger's Plan." There was a "Thank you for the suggestion" reply. And, President-Elect Donald Trump's verbatim use of Mr. Koger's exact same words during "online videos" and speeches that followed in Michigan, Milwaukee (Wisconsin) and Pennsylvania.

    Todd Elliott Koger's writings at one point specifically advised that the "Koger Plan" to target the black vote will changed the destructive conversation and slip in the polls that the "verbal fight" with Khizr Khan, a slain U.S. soldier's father had caused in late August 2016.

    When the Trump campaign started to collapse in October 2016, and everyone started to run away . . . Mr. Koger suggested the "need for a new writing" to change the conversation again. He suggested that the campaign needed to move away from the "hot mic incident." Todd Elliott Koger's correspondence suggested a "Treaty with Black America." There's another "thank you" from the campaign. And, Mr. Trump almost immediately announced a "Contract with the American Voter" and a "New Deal for Black America."

    Maybe this is just a remarkable concurrence of events. Maybe Mr. Koger's packaging of Mr. Trump's visual optics and his efforts to communicate implementation of the " Koger Plan" had no apparent connection. Maybe it was just "serendipity" in North and West Philadelphia (Eastern Pennsylvania) and Penn Hills, Allegheny County (Western Pennsylvania) where turnout fell 10 percent in the majority-black wards. Happenstance in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (District 15), where turnout was down 19.5 percent. Apparent "fluke" in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, where 75,000 "Motown Voters" decided to stay home. One thing for sure, Todd Elliott Koger's correspondence kept reiterating that "Mr. Trump's only path to victory" was the "black vote." Cities like Boston, Massachusetts' "predominately black" wards had their greatest decline in voter turnout this century. And, just 50,000 votes in three states, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin (the focus of "Koger's Plan") decided the election.

    The "PLAN" was conceived: Convince hundreds of thousands blacks to "boycott" the vote and/or voting "straight" Democrat.

    The "STRATEGY" was organized: Find every conceivable email address, mailing lists, newsgroup, on-line discussion, black organization, local activists, and the like, and send them an endless repetition of talking points.

    Mr. Koger's "MESSAGE": 50 Years of failed Democratic inner cities.

    There is available representative correspondence (sent to the Trump campaign and others) that demonstrates well how the "electoral college victory" was propelled. That is, Todd Elliott Koger's suggested "THEMES" (We Must Come Together) and persuasive point-helping support is now documented with dates to prove the actual source of things (something no other person has been able to articulate about the black vote in 2016).

    The National Diversity Coalition for Trump did finally send a "Thank You." But interestingly, Todd Elliott Koger and his wife don't even have tickets for the Trump inauguration, its events, nor any job offers . . . .


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