Unexplained Death Of 2nd Adopted Son of Father Michael Pfleger, reported by veteran reporter Chinta Strausberg

Michael Pfleger has been a friend of over 30 years and we have been through a number of life changing experiences through our years in the activist movement but none was more impacting that the violent death of his first adopted son, and today his second adopted son has died unexpectedly which is a tremendous loss to Father Pfleger and so I as well as others who have just got the news extend our deepest sympathies to Father Pfleger on this latest personal tragedy in his life. We pray for the strength that only God can provide as the investigation continues into the cause of death. To my dear friend Father Pfleger, please accept the sympathies and prayers for you and the St. Sabina family on behalf of myself and the members of the Black Wall Street Chicago organization.  (Mark S. Allen, Veteran activist and Chairman, Black Wall Street Chicago)


Chinta Strausberg Exclusively Reports


I ask everyone who knows and loves our Pastor, Father Michael L. Pfleger, to keep him in your prayers.

Father Pfleger’s middle son, Beronti, who would have been 33-years-old on June 3, 2012, collapsed in his Orlando, Florida home today and died. The cause of death is not yet known at this time.

As you know, in 1981, Father Pfleger adopted Lamar, then 8-years-old and in 1992 he adopted Beronti. In 1997, Pfleger became a foster father to Jarvis Franklin who was fatally shot on May 30, 1998 at 79th and Carpenter.

Jarvis was caught in the crossfire of gang warfare just a few blocks from Saint Sabina. Pastor had just performed a wedding when people from the community ran and told him about Jarvis. Pfleger held his son’s bloody head and prayed, but Jarvis died a few days later. That left a hole in his heart and a commitment to fight against the violence that is taking so many innocent lives.

And, today, death has once again come and snatched his son, Beronti. Please pray for God to give him the strength he will need to carry him through the burying of yet another son.

For whatever reason, Pastor had been on my mind all day long. I just checked my e-mail to learn why. Please pray for our Pastor.

Thank you.

Chinta Strausberg

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