Uganda Seeks To Form Chapter With National Black Wall Street USA

As we commemorate the 90th Year anniversary of the May 31-June 1, 1921 race riots and massacre of the Black community and original Black Wall Street of Tulsa, Oklahoma and the upcoming 2nd Year National Convention of 27 National Chapters of Black Wall Street USA in Gary Indiana October 21-23 ( the people of Uganda have heard about and want to join this movement to recapture the spirit of the original Black Wall Street by using the current collective power, resources and talents of Black people today to build self contained Black cultural, business and jobs districts in majority Black communities not just in the United States, but now Uganda too!!!

If our Black ancestors could claim just 35 city blocks to create a self contained Black community in 1921 in the majority Black community of Tulsa, then surely 90 years later Black people have the power to claim 35 city blocks in majority Black communities across this country and build Black owned cultural, business, and jobs districts. We have proven that we can take nothing and make it into to something and today, nobody is stopping us, but us!!

Thank you to the 27 United States Chapters who have joined this national Black Wall Street empowerment campaign, and now an international movement with this new interest of our people of Uganda. We are family. United we stand !

Black Wall Street District Butuntumula, Uganda?
Thursday, June 9, 2011 10:28:33

From the office of the Speaker Butuntumula Sub-County, Luwero District Uganda.

Warm greetings from Uganda the Land known as the PEARL of Africa. Uganda was destroyed by poor political affairs, global warming, civil wars since 1962 when Uganda got her independence there was war.

We are looking to establish a Black Wall Street District here and link with a sister Black Wall Street District from the USA. We welcome any individual who may be interested in visiting Uganda to learn more about Uganda and how the Government does her work in the Butuntumula Sub-County, Luwero District community. Please kindly build the linkage between Uganda and USA.

I am also a Secretary SUUBI Community Development Initiative. This initiative is a charity organization aimed at lifting the lives of orphans and vulnerable children especially in Butuntumula Sub-County. Butuntumula Sub-County just like any other part of the Country and is affected by various disaster and disease scourge.

When the deadly disease of HIV/AIDS began, people were not aware and therefore couldn’t access treatment, this led to their deaths living their children behind. Although people now aware they still die because they some still believe in witchcraft and the like.

Most of the children left behind stay with their relatives who also have their own children to look after, some are left with their poor grand parents who are unable to raise food and school supplies for the children. Many orphans do survive with a single meal a day and cannot afford two meals a day or a pair shoes or clothes.

Its therefore the background that SUUBI Community Development Initiative was started to enable the orphaned and vulnerable children see their lives through and achieving their goal.

Our mission is to empower the orphans and vulnerable children and their guardians to improve on the living status to enable them to go through with their education and to support and sustain life. We are looking a generous people to help us reach our goals and meet the orphaned children. We are also looking for a kind hearted man or woman to set us up a website and make our problem known.

John Paul Kibalama, Secretary and Sub-County Speaker Butuntumula
Post Office Box 356, Luwero District Uganda, East Africa, +256 772 578013

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