Congressman Rush says Rahm Emanuel TV Ads Insult Black Community During Black History Month

While the media has made headlines saying a majority of Black voters support Rahm Emanuel Congressman Bobby Rush appeared again and spoke strongly alongside the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr at
the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition’s national radio/tv broadcast and forum and told the
audiences “not to be fooled” by the multi media TV ads that Rahm Emanuel has
been trying to “fool” Chicago voters with in campaigning for Mayor. Congressman
Rush said strongly that “I have served with him in Congress directly and the
image you see in these slick TV spots is not the real Rahm Emanuel, and that the
Rahm Emanuel that he served with in Congress clearly showed that he is only
concerned about the elite, not the common people, and definately not Black
people, and Rahm specifically led a Congressional delegation to vote against The Congress
Black Caucus OVER 120 TIMES, including The Red Line Extension that he voted against yesterday and now tell the Black community he supports today; he voted against funding for Chicago State University yesterday and today now wants to visit; and he voted against humanitarian food aid to South Africa, and over 100 more votes against Congressional Black Caucus legislative efforts for Black and poor communities.

Rush said its an absolute insult that during this Black History Month, Black people are being force-fed a multi million dollar remake of a Rahm Emanuel that has a documented legislative record of not supporting Black and poor people’s issues that he has successfully hidden behind. Rahm Emanuel cannot make political history trying to become Chicago’s next Mayor getting Black support of a false record of support to Black and poor people’s issues.

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