NOW Endorsements And Womens Movement Can Elect Carol Moseley Braun As Next Female Mayor

Most people, media and political have talked about Carol Moseley Brauns campaign for Mayor as historic in that she could be the next Black to be elected Mayor since Harold Washington, and the recent surge in high voter registrations in majority Black Wards could be one indication that the Black community has begun the movement to lead to that new Black poltical history. But what has not been talked about by mainatream media or political pundits is that Braun’s election would not only make Black history, but female political history in that Barun would be the first female to be elected Mayor since Jane Byrne.

High voter registration and high Black voter turnout is one indication that Braun could make Black political history, but on top of that now comes the major endorsements of two political PACS of The National Organization For Women of Braun’s candidacy now sends the next major signal that a NOW movement from their PACS and support, and the fact that women are the majority of Chicago’ registered voters could now make the female political history in that Braun could be the next women to be elected Mayor since Jane Byrne!  With all the dynamics that Braun’s candidact raises, maybe there is a concerted effort not to stimulate a Chicago movement among women, but women as Chicago’s voting majority indeed have the numbers to make women political history with Braun.

Braun first made women political history as an Illinois State Representative when she became Mayor Washington’s Floor Leader in Springfield, then she made women political history again when she was elected Cook County Recorder of Deeds, and of course she made the biggest political history when she was elected to the United States Senate and becamse the first woman to ever sit on The Senate’s powerful Finance Committee, and now here comes another historic election in February (Black History Month) when Carol can follow Harold and make Black political history, and again make womens political history as the first women to be elected Chicago Mayor since Jane Byrne. 

Making womens political history again for Braun’s has not been talked about much but maybe the recent endorsement’s by the two PACS of The National Organization For Women (NOW) and a new womens voter turnout could indeed make womens political history again with Braun.  And finally, I am always reminded by pundits that Braun lost her reelection bid in 1998, and I always respond that while true, in that even in that 1998 defeat, Braun still WON the entire City of Chicago with 79.5% of the Chicago vote, and if she can repeat that on February 22nd, Chicago will go down in the Black, women, and political history as the first women to be elected since Jane Byrne, and the first Black to be elected since Harold. “From Harold to Carol”

And with Braun being second to Rahm Emanuel, going from 6% to 21% in the latest WGN/Tribune poll without having ONE major media spot to air, then one can only expect that Braun has no place else to go but up when her media finally hits the airwaves.

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