Why Governor Quinn Singles Out Walls Candidacy - Latest In Attacks On Black Men and Boys !!

Now that Independent gubernatorial candidate Scott Lee Cohen’s challenge has been withdrawn and Cohen will officially on the November ballot, WHY is Governor Quinn continuing to single out the candidacy of William “Dock” Walls to knock of the ballot for November? And this after stating recently that “the more the merrier,” and that Quinn had no problem with letting voters decide who they wanted for Governor in November. But why single out the Black candidate and no one else.

A statement from Walls said that ” Again Quinn is asking his Board of Elections to kick me off the Ballot for Governor. Among other things, Quinn’s team says that because I initially filed to run for Gov as a Democrat and voted as a Dem, I can’t run as an Independent. Oddly, Quinn didn’t challenge Cohen who was previously on the ballot for Lt. Gov and also voted Dem,” so again Governor Quinn, Why single out the Black candidacy? I’m not playing the race card, just reporting the facts!

Now is this attacj on the Black candidate a coincidence of Quinn’s major poltical attacks, from challenging the seating of Senator Roland Burris; trying to unseat the legendary Jim Montgomery from The University of Illinois Board of Trustees; the snubbing of Art Turner for Illinois Lieutenant Governor, and in the height of the historic rise in acts of violence and shootings and killings of our Black youth, Governor Quinn recently cut the funds of Father Michael Pfleger’s SafetNet Program that was succesfull at the saving of our Black youths lives!!..Why does Quinn fight so hard to keep Black men and Blacks down?

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