Victim of Jon Burge Says Verdict A Victory For The Services Of Wallace "Gator" Bradley's Leadership

MARK ALLEN TALKS — No matter what notable cause or work that Wallace “Gator” Bradley does in his life, the mainstream media wre quick to publicly remind Bradley’s clients, potential clients, colleagues and public that Bradley is a former gang member and seeks to taint whatever project that Bradley works on, but Bradley for over 20 years has kept pushing on and many people thank him for his efforts.

Commissioner Jerry “Iceman” Butler gave Bradley a chance to redeem himself in the community with a job as an Administrative Assistants job. Before Barack Obama got to the White House, Wallace “Gator” Bradley visited The White House and met with Presdient Bill Clinton in a delegation with the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson. A Jewish Judge running for election to the bench hired Bradley to help reach grassroots voters and again the manistream media immediately hit with the headlines that a major judicial candidate hires the former gang member, and despite that, Judge Hyman was elected wioth the help that Wallace “Gator” Bradley in getting grassroots voters in the Black community to vote for his election.

During the recent petition drive for Independent candidates to get on the November ballot, Wallace “Gator” Bradley walk the streets and recruited people who were on the streets making money doing illegal things and concinced them that if they were registered voters, they could walk those same streets and make some legal money obtaining signatures for candidate Scott Lee Cohen who was paying citizens to circulate petitions, and yet again, when the Bradley signed on the circulator contracts, the mainstream media got a hold this and without verification ran with the erroneous story that Cohen had the “former gang member” Bradley as the coordinator the campaigns drive that got over 130,000 signatures in an effort to negatively slant Bradley again, and the Cohen campaign.

The major media, local and national chose to highlight one of Jon Burge’s tortue vistims, Marc Clements who was tortured by Burge at age 16 and spent 30 years in jail for a crime that he did not commit. The mainstream media has been prominantly featuring Clements face and voice as they continuisly are replying his emotional interview with the media responding to the guilty verdict of Jon Burge. One of the things that the major media is seeming to “conveniently” leave out of Clements testimony (with the exception of The Sun Times Mary Mitchell) is what role the Wallace “Gator” Bradley has played in this whole movement to expose Jon Burge and those victims who had no hope that anyone would ever care about their fate had it not been for people like Wallace “Gator” Bradley.

With a high profile case like this Jon Burge Perjury trial, and the realities that their are even more cases like the Marc Clements of the world, but now that Clements is openly stating that he would not be where he is today without the direct involvement in his case by Wallace “Gator” Bradley, do you think that the media would shift from their regular negative slants against Bradley and what he has successfully describes and practices as “Urban Translation” and what this process could do in helping to free some more victims like Marc Clements and former death row inmate Aaoron Patterson? Marc Clements appeared today on radio station WVON-AM 1690 and made it clear to the host and radio audience that he would have remained in jail, and his case would never have been presented to the proper authorities and the public for suppport had it not been for the diligent work of Wallace “Gator” Bradley.

Today, there are a lot of people joining in the public celebration of the guilty verdict of Jon Burge, and the media is enjoying in their coverage of people like Marc Clements who after 30 years in jail for a crime he did not commit, having their say. But don’t re-write history by selective choosing when you want to report on the work of Wallace “Gator” Bradley and his being a “former gang member, something that he certainly can’t seperate himself from that part of his lfe. But as one Jon Burge victim Marc Clements is making clear for those who will listen that people like Wallace “Gator” Bradley are just as much a part of the victory as the lawyers and other police brutality advocates and jurors are. Yes, Wallace “Gator” Bradley earned his recognition as “former gang member,” but as Burge victim Marc Clements points out and I and other major media should as well, Wallace “Gator” Bradley has also earned his new reputation and profession as “Urban Translator.” Bradley worked and won in his “urban translation” advocacy for Aaron Patterson and a multi million dollar settlement for Patterson of which Bradley was awarded his representation fee for his work, and as Marc Clements said on WVON today that while he thanks so many who ultimately came to his defense, his release and freedom, but before all those who came later, Clements said one who took his case first and helped set the stage for him was “The Urban Translator,” Wallace “Gator” Bradley, and the rest. This historic Jon Burge trial and it’s guilty verdict, speaks to the good work of so many and also highlights the leadership and professionalism of Wallace “Gator” Bradley.


Mark S. Allen, Associate Editor, The South Street Journal Newspaper

449 East 35th Street, 1st Floor

Chicago, Illinois 60616

312-624-8351 or 773-392-0165


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