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Date Night... with OPRAH!

Chicago Improv ex-pats Tina Fey and Steve Carell visited the Oprah! Of course, Tina Fey was on several improv teams here in Chicago before joining Second City where Steve Carell was a veteran of the Mainstage. While they never worked together here in Chicago, they’re both the anchors of the NBC Thursday night lineup and... Read more »

You Want Fame? Well, Fame Costs...

Becoming a lead actor on one of televisions most popular shows is all about luck and who you know, right? Jenna Fischer is on The Office and in a slew of recent comedies. On the website, The Daily Actor, Jenna talks about how she worked as a temp, did tons of free shows and wore... Read more »

Chicago Improv Year in Review!

It’s been a banner year for improvisation in Chicago. Here’s just some of the highlights (in no particular order):

Noble Obama Wins Nobel Prize

President Obama has become the third sitting American President to win the Nobel Peace Prize (President Theodore Roosevelt won the same award in 1906 and President Woodrow Wilson won it in 1919.) Of course, “President Jed Bartlett” won the Nobel Prize for Economics. For your Friday fun-ness, here’s a video making the rounds of the... Read more »