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Tina Fey says, "Hi."

Right now, Tina Fey could probably get an Amelia Earheart movie musical made, but not so, 15 years ago.   Just like thousands before her, while she was in Chicago, Tina did the occasional “corporate gig” and she was lucky enough to get a commercial. Here it is, from 1995: I feel like they were going for an... Read more »

Look at your Computer. Now at Me. I'm on a Horse.

Old Spice is an old product. Seriously. It’s been around for 71 years! Now, this has nothing to do with improvisation or alumni or anything. But, man I love these campaign, even though I was also a huge of the Bruce Campbell Old Spice run, but I understand how that might have not worked.Anyway, the... Read more »

Selling the Dead

Does a DirectTV ad honor or disturb Chris Farley’s memory? Using deceased celebrities in commercials is nothing new, but the last two DirectTV ads are using people who died under particularly sad circumstances.  This ad uses Heather O’Rourke from the Poltergeist movies, who died at 12 years of age due to intestinal stenosis.    When... Read more »

Please Ad Me!

Commercial work is both the Holy Grail and wolfsbane for the actor. No one grows up thinking, “I can’t wait to hawk furniture polish on TV!”  (three of Chicago’s best improvisers can be seen ALL. THE. TIME. nationwide in Sonic ads. From L. to R., Pete Grosz, TJ Jagodowski, bald guy I don’t know, Molly... Read more »