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Chicago Improv Year in Review!

It’s been a banner year for improvisation in Chicago. Here’s just some of the highlights (in no particular order):

Second City 50th Gala. It Begins.

Get ready Chicago comedy fans! Here comes the 50th birthday of one of America’s longest-running and most storied institutions. The Chicago Tribune has done a great job (for once! (just kidding, boss)) with an amazing block of stories, videos and pics about the Second City Theater. Check them out here. It’s not often I get... Read more »

Man Goes Too Far for Improv

Thomas Crane loves improv and he has the mileage to prove it.  There are many students nowadays who move to Chicago to take classes at either the Annoyance, Second City or the iO Theater. Thomas Crane is insane. Every week, he drives 840 miles from Blanchard, Oklahoma to Chicago, Illinois to take his improv class... Read more »

Mr. Jones and Me

Chris Jones has review of the play “Earth: TTFN” and is it ever brutal. I have no doubt that the play probably deserves the critique… I received an e-mail asking for improvisers to audition for it (“Chin, you’ll be interested in this…”) and the text of the e-mail set off my spider-sense, so I avoided... Read more »