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Improv vs. The Volcano

The Eyjafjallajokull volcano was purposefully detonated to disrupt the 2010 Chicago Improv Fest! Or so you might think. After all, this is the year that the focus of the CIF is “community” or more specifically, our extended international community. “We have eight international improv ensembles performing at CIF 2010, which is more countries than any... Read more »

Chicago Improv Year in Review!

It’s been a banner year for improvisation in Chicago. Here’s just some of the highlights (in no particular order):

Face the ImprovNation

Got a burning question for the heads of the Chicago Improv Fest? Mark Sutton and Jet Eveleth, the Artistic Directors of the Chicago Improv Fest will be hosting a Town Hall meeting tomorrow (Wednesday, December 9th) from 6pm-7pm at iO Theater. They’ll not only be talking about the changes in the festival for 2010, but... Read more »

All New Jet Head

The Chicago Improv Fest is taking off to a new direction.  Jet Eveleth, a veteran improviser with iO’s The Reckoning, is now the new artistic director of the Chicago Improv Fest. It’ll be a gradual change as the current director, Mark Sutton, will co-run the CIF with Jet for 2010 and then it’ll be Jet’s... Read more »